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Are You Obsessed with Your Body Image?

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At a glance, it looks like our society is moving in the right direction with celebrating women’s bodies, standing up against objectification and unrealistic standards, and choosing health over extremes. Except what isn’t being addressed is how most of these “choices” and “celebrations” are still focusing only on the image, and positioning each woman’s relationship with her outward appearance as the thing that will give her what she wants in life. The majority of support in mainstream media around women’s bodies is still completely based in choosing how you feel about how you look, and creating an identity for yourself that stems from outward projections and ideals.

The question is WHY so many women out there look amazing, but they still can’t look themselves on the mirror and appreciate what they see? Or they feel like they would finally be happy when they lose those last few pounds. But the truth is as long as you seek outward-based validation, approval, or information to determine how you feel, your freedom and ability to express yourself will always be conditional on something outside of you. As long as the focus is on body image rather than true embodiment, women will be barred from accessing their full potential, power, and self-expression. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look on the outside if you still feel empty inside.

“You are perfect just the way you are. To create the ideal body image that others may see, first be clear about how you see yourself in the mirror, and then share that image with the world.”

For the better part of my life, I longed for and quested for a body I could finally proud of. For years I would swing from wildly emotional to feeling completely hopeless and numb, miserable one day and deliriously happy the next. And I blamed my body for all of it.

For not being pretty enough or strong enough.

For betraying my exercise routine.

For craving sweetness and having desires outside of the clean eating and exercise program that I suppose to follow.

Have you felt like that before?

What I didn’t realize for so long was that none of that mattered or made a true difference if I was tethering my worthiness to my image.

I finally started liking the way my body looked. This is a journey, not a destination and does get better and better as we go. I realized the image is simply a snapshot of a moment. A visual representation of what’s on the outside. It’s may be an important piece of the puzzle, and I do love looking in the mirror and enjoying what I see, But...

How much energy and time do you really want to spend on the number that appeared on the scale?

A beautiful, vibrant body is created from the inside out. She is nurtured, nourished, and filled with wisdom. Her image is amazing because she feels amazing. And when your body feels amazing you have the power to create anything you desire, right?

Speaking to your body is the first step to create that deeper connection. Freedom to claim your desires. Full on self expression. The feeling of being at peace and at home within yourself.

Your body will start to let you know which decisions were a yes or a no. It will guide you how to create enormous amounts of pleasure and energy. These have nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with how you feel. What energy you are carrying around with you. The way you move throughout the world. The decisions you make, the conversations you have, the risks you take, the love you allow.

And the body I have now? She doesn’t look like a magazine. And I have never known a deeper love than the love between her and I. When I nurture her and listen to her, I feel good and look good. When I deny her and ignore her, old feelings of shame and despair begin to surface, and I am reminded that I have a choice to either connect with her or try and control her.

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