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Honor Your Power (by Understanding Fear and Embracing Possibilities)

With the widespread panic about the flu, many people are creating an anticipated perception of illness, or are experiencing fear and powerless. There is always an equal opportunity to allow any form of collective hysteria to act as a wake-up call to greater consciousness — within you and the planet.

With the collective conscious focusing on fear and uncertainty these days, it is important to take some time to pull back our energy and focus on empowerment.

During the training, we were able to discuss how to honor power, release fear, and embrace positivity.

We discussed:


3: 48 - Grounding meditation

14: 00 - Honor your power

27:50 - The effects that fear has on your health

32: 20 Release fear

39:30 Guided meditation

50: 20 - Discussion

We had a guided short meditation on how to release fear. You can practice this whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious about the current happenings.

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