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Be Healthy Events

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See list below for our events and classes. 👇

(FREE) Release Chronic Pain and Stress:

Learn How to CALM Your Nervous System and Ignite Your SELF-HEALING Abilities.

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Chronic pain is hard, but there is a path forward. You don’t have to feel like this!

Are you ready to take control of your health and HEAL your Body? 


In this transformative workshop, you will receive invaluable guidance from a healthcare provider with over 16 years of experience.

Learn proven strategies on how you can:

✅Reduce Your Symptoms

✅Increase Your Function

✅Get Back to Your Life!


Don't wait any longer to find relief.

Join this free workshop now and start your journey towards a pain-free and stress-free life.

Self-Healing Mastery

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A virtual masterclass mixing physical therapy and mindful movement to calm down the nervous system, release stress and trauma stored in the body.

This class is a blend of unique (and gentle) intentional movements combining the 4 Pillars of Self-Healing:
🧠 Master your nervous system
🔥 Ignite your self-healing abilities
❤️ Release trauma from your body
✨ Access your body intelligence

Ready to Master Your Self-Healing Abilities?

Group Coaching


Coaching, Q&A, science-based actionable techniques, and meditation to help calm down your nervous system.
I created this group to make holistic healing, accountability, and coaching available to everyone who wants to improve their health and take their power back.
Every month we have a different topic:

✅ April 25th: How to Access Your Body Intelligence: Practice Intuitive Eating and connect with your Intuition

Read more

✅ May 23rd: How to Access Your Body Intelligence: Practice Intuitive Eating and connect with your Intuition

Read more

✅ June 13th: Overcome Chronic Pain: Unlock Neuroplasticity to Create Healthier Habits

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Be Healthy Academy


A Holistic science-based membership for everyone ready to take control of their health.


What You Will Receive:

+ Twice per month LIVE group coaching sessions, with a certified health care professional/certified coach

+ Virtual Be Healthy with Ana Academy library

+ Meditations and Visualizations that Help You Heal Your Nervous System

+ Weekly Coaching and Implementation Assignments

+ Connection and Support in Our Transformation Tribe

+ Printable Worksheets and .pdfs to support your process

+ Real Techniques and Practices to ReConnect to Your Body’s Inner wisdom

+ Monthly Challenges

+ So much more

Pictures from Previous Events Hosted by Ana

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