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Ana has been featured on NBC, as well as many other media outlets.

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NBC News


What if someone told you that you could heal your own ailments, from a common cold to cancer, through positive thinking alone?

Listen to the full NBC interview with Ana Marinho here.

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Interview at Mind Body Radio

This station is dedicated to provide an educational and inspirational platform to spread awareness about the wide variety of options to live a healthier, happier life! So honored to be interviewed by this radio!


Read more about it here!

Podcast with Dr. Karen Kan

In this podcast, I talk about my journey on my ten-year career as a physical therapist, intuitive healer and health coach. I also talk about my recently published book "Ignite Your Inner Healer".


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Guest Speaker: 19th Annual NC Lupus Summit October 2019

Thank you Lupus Foundation of America for inviting me to be a speaker and to have a table in your 19th Annual NC Lupus Summit. 😊

Read more about it here!


Fitness Blitz Radio Podcast with Eric Malzone

Dedicated to facilitating conversations that matter with fitness professionals from all over the globe.

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We are our own healers by Ana Marinho - Podcast


The power to heal ourselves is within us, just so long as we know how to harness it. 

Listen and share the full podcast  

The Importance of Creating Boundaries with Ana Marinho

 Heidi Hadley and Ana Marinho discussed the importance of creating boundaries to filter your energy during a time in history whereby the chaos and noise around you could impact on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. 


Listen and share the full podcast 


Podcast with confidence coach, Kelsey Abbott.

In this podcast I talk about body awareness, protecting and managing our energy and allowing our bodies to heal.


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How to Use Your Intuition to Grow Your Business? (Podcast Interview with Christie Turley)

In this podcast I talk about how to distinguish the whispers of your intuition from the rest of your thoughts and the four types of intuitive gifts that everyone has and how to develop them further.


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