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Ana Marinho opened her private practice, Be Healthy, LLC. in 2015 and has served over 12 years as a licensed physical therapist, mind-body coach, and intuitive healer.  Her unique approach of combining eastern and western modalities in a private, one-on-one setting has allowed her patients to sustain lasting change as she focuses on treating the whole body and not just the symptoms. 


Ana became a licensed physical therapist in her home country of Brazil in 2007 and moved to Los Angeles, California the following year in order to further her education and expand her expertise as a physical therapist. Her profound interest in healing the whole-body led her to pursue certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner which made an excellent addition to her already innate ability to heal energetically.  


In 2018, Ana moved her practice to Charlotte, NC where she continues to provide unmatched experience, knowledge, and skill across multiple disciplines. She resides with her wonderful husband Chris and precious dog Pepe and is looking forward to exploring the beautiful state of North Carolina.  

With her unmatched experience, knowledge, and skills across multiple disciplines, she was able to publish her best-selling book (Ignite Your Inner Healer). She has been featured on NBC News and several podcasts.


Read more about Ana's personal journey that led to her career below...


Physical Therapist

Ana's Personal Journey


When I was a teenager in Brazil, I discovered the remarkable capacity of combining body, mind, and soul for profound healing. It all began when doctors informed my family that my adopted brother Luis would never walk or live a normal life


Luis had been adopted when he was two-weeks old. He was abandoned by his birth parents, extremely premature, and near death when my mother found him at an orphanage. At 9 months, Luis was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He was unable to sit or hold his head up. My family was told he would be confined to a wheelchair. My mother, a well known intuitive healer in Brazil, knew that Luis would get better.


In fact, my entire family had faith that anything was possible but knew in our hearts that we were the ones that had to make it happen. We committed all of our time, energy, and resources to helping Luis. 


We agreed that Luis’ body could heal itself if it was directed in the path towards healing. It was also essential to engage Luis’ mind and his spirit in total support of his healing. Luis did every therapy under the sun for the first years of his life. 


At the age of 5, as I watched on beaming with joy, Luis took his first steps. Today, not only can Luis walk on his own, he is functional and is attending a university in Brazil.


This miracle changed my life forever too. Luis' journey made such a profound impact on me that I immediately knew it would become my career to educate people on the importance of connecting mind, body and soul in order to heal completely.

As seen on​

NBC News  Mind over matter: Theory that positive thinking can heal injury, illness gains popularity


What if someone told you that you could heal your own ailments, from a common cold to cancer, through positive thinking alone?

It’s a theory that a growing number of people are turning to, popularized by a documentary called “Heal” that was just released on Netflix.


It’s gained massive following and buzz for its message that your mind can literally heal whatever ails you. Off the big screen, you might be surprised to learn this concept is actually practiced by licensed therapists, like Ana Marinho.

Listen to the full NBC interview with Ana Marinho here.

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​Interview at Mind Body Radio

I can't wait to share with you my interview with Chris Sawyer at Mind Body Radio! This station is dedicated to provide an educational and inspirational platform to spread awareness about the wide variety of options to live a healthier, happier life! So honored to be interviewed by this radio!



Read more about it here!

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Guest Speaker: 19th Annual NC Lupus Summit October 2019



Thank you Lupus Foundation of America for inviting me to be a speaker and to have a table in your 19th Annual NC Lupus Summit. 😊



Read more about it here!

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Ignite Your Inner Healer with Ana Marinho Podcast with Dr. Karen Kan



In this podcast, I talk about my journey on my ten-year career as a physical therapist, intuitive healer and health coach. I also talk about my recently published book "Ignite Your Inner Healer".



Click here to listen and share this episode with anyone who needs to ignite the power of their own self-healing.

The Courageous Self-Care Podcast  Stories of Courage & Self-Care 


Can you imagine the kind of courage and self-care it takes to heal yourself from cancer? That's just what Ana Marinho did. Find out how in this uplifting interview.

Click here to listen and share this episode with anyone who needs to discover their own courage and wants to know more about self-care.


How to Use Your Intuition to Grow Your Business?

(Podcast Interview with Christie Turley)

In this podcast I talk about how to distinguish the whispers of your intuition from the rest of your thoughts and the four types of intuitive gifts that everyone has and how to develop them further.


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A Teaspoon of Healing Episode 39 – Tune In to Your Body’s Wisdom


Learn how to use your body’s wisdom to heal yourself, and find out how to tap into your intuition with Ana Marinho, LPT. Ana is a physical therapist and health coach who uses energy healing modalities with her patients. She is the author of “Ignite Your Inner Healer,” and shares three tools that help her clients self-heal!



Click here to listen and share this episode with anyone who needs to learn how to use their body’s wisdom to heal themselves.


Find Your Awesome Podcast with confidence coach, Kelsey Abbott.

In this podcast I talk about body awareness, protecting and managing our energy and allowing our bodies to heal.

“My mission is to empower people to remember that the body has the power of self-healing.”  Ana Marinho


Click here to listen and share this episode with anyone who needs support on their healing journey.


Fitness Blitz Radio Podcast: Ana Marinho 

Brought to you by Fitness Professional Online, this show is dedicated to facilitating conversations that matter with fitness professionals from all over the globe.

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