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“I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%”

"My results are so wonderful that I can't help sharing. I arrived with depression, anxiety, overweight, alcoholism, and acute fibromyalgia. I could barely walk because I was in pain 24 hours.

Today, I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80% and I already do things I never thought I would do again… I lost 12 pounds without even dieting!"

Dani Deus (Small).jpg

Dani Deus

Theta Healer

Pain: 9/10

Energy: 5/10

Sleep: 0/10

Dani Deus-Before.jpg

Pain: 3/10

Energy: 9/10

Sleep: 10/10

Lost 12 pounds

Dani Deus-After.jpg

In Just 5 Sessions

“I have eliminated 95% of my pain and 100% of my fatigue”

I have been on a long winding path of Chronic illness for 15+ years. I am a person who has “tried everything” but the last several years I gave up on trying new things because it was expensive and I was afraid of getting let down.


The leap of faith I took in Ana has not disappointed me! I felt better in one session than I had felt in years. I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years! I have eliminated 95% of my pain! I have reduced fatigue by 100%!


She says your time to heal depends on your commitment and with the Be Healthy Academy you can learn so much in such a short time! I highly recommend adding that to private sessions like I did! I went all in and I’m so glad I did! Ana is a gifted, unique, warm-hearted healer.


Thank you Ana! Thank you! I can not recommend her enough!

be healthy with ana testimonials

Pain: 9/10

Location: Everywhere

Jenifer Garcia-Before.jpg

95% Less Pain

100% More Energy

Jenifer Garcia-Before.jpg

In Just
6 Sessions

Jennifer Garcia (Small).jpg

Jennifer Garcia

M.A. Clinical and Psychology

"Truly the best of the best..."

I have worked with many coaches and physical therapists over the years, but Ana is truly the best of the best. She has a unique way of understanding how your body and your mind are connected, and has helped me create space for improvements that I didn't believe existed. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone who is having a physical challenge and wants to approach the issues from multiple perspectives to enhance and quicken your healing. I know I'm going to work with her as much as I can, and I'm telling all my family and friends about her too.

~ H. J. Charlotte, NC

"Ana's positive energy and passion for health are contagious..." 


"I've enjoyed my experiences with Ana and her holistic approach! Ana isn't only focused on the number on the scale; she's also focused on how behaviors and thoughts influence diet and health. She teaches clients how to improve their confidence and boost positive thoughts, which translates into making wise eating choices and long-lasting results. There is no quick fix with Ana, rather, it's a lifestyle change! Additionally, she's committed to educating clients about eating whole foods and the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. And to top it all off, Ana is fun! Her positive energy and passion for health are contagious!"

~A. K. Los Angeles, CA 

"This woman is in her zone!"

This woman is in her zone! She is like working with a clean slate that doesn't add anything to you that you don't need. I didn't feel any bad or nervous energy, so I didn't feel slimed when we were done. It was really awesome doing a remote session with Ana. I wasn't rushed, I was able to ask questions. If this was great online I bet I'd be over the top in person. Thanks for sharing your gift with me to help me on my journey. My husband noticed the difference immediately without him knowing I got help! ~ K. C. Longwood, FL

"She has helped me get my life back!" 

Ana is AMAZING! I endure a condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome- I am basically allergic to life, including myself. Literally. When I met Ana, she explained what she did, though I didn't really understand, the impact she would have until about the 5th session in... life can be hard with mast cell, she has helped me find LIFE BACK!!!!! In 3 years things have been, blur... I Cant Thank Ana enough!

~S. M. Charlotte, NC

"Ana has been able to tap into the root of what is causing setbacks..."


Ana has been an inspiration in my life. She is able to tap into the root of what is causing setbacks and re-frame how your mind looks at things very proficiently. As a coach, she has been motivational and encouraging. Originally I had brought Ana into my life as a coach. Little did I know she would become so much more along my path of overall physical and mental wellness. I am very grateful for the time Ana has gifted to me and the encouragement to push forward when times get challenging.

 ~K. J. Salt Lake City, UT

"Ana is helping me understand the deeper issues..." 

"Hiring Ana as my health coach is one of the best things I have ever done. I’ve struggled with weight and fitness since I had kids over 7 years ago and it is finally time to make some changes.  I couldn’t have picked a better person to help guide me. It’s not just about eating well and exercising because I “know” what I should do. Ana is helping me understand the deeper issues that are holding me back. She is guiding me through the real work of making more time and space for myself and bringing more joy back into my life. I hired her to help me with my fitness goals, but she is helping me with so much more than that and I am eternally grateful for her. " ~L. L.  Dallas, TX

"She has the "touch" and is best in all she does..." 

Ana has been my physical therapist for over 2 yrs. She has the "touch" and really knows the body and what she is doing. I have benefitted greatly from working with her. I have also used and recommended Ana as a coach. She is the best in all she does! ~A. P. Encinitas, CA

"The partner you wish for in a coach: professional, focused, intuitive, creative.."

"I had the opportunity to work with Ana as my coach during a transition period in my career. Her intuitive listening skills, her sharp mind, her great feeling for when to challenge and when to encourage helped me to gain clarity and to take a major step forward in reaching my goal. Ana is the partner you wish for in a coach: professional, focused, intuitive, creative and compassionate. I can recommend Ana to everyone who wants to work on reaching their personal goals. "

~K. W. Los Angeles, CA

Workshops, Webinars, Retreats

"I am so thankful to Ana" 

I was one of those people that felt that only the big things brought stress into my life. Week 1 of the workshop quickly showed me that there were many triggers, that started way before the big blowouts that I was completely unaware of. The tools we were given, enabled me to quickly implement them into my daily life. Enabling me to change the negative patterns and start a new chapter. In 4 weeks, I became more present, more aware and less stressed. I am so thankful to Ana for the support and guidance over the 4 weeks. Both on the workshop sessions and outside of these via the facebook page. The change and achievements that have been made have been incredible. Don’t get me wrong there is still work to do. But, I am so excited to be at the beginning of the journey as a result of this workshop. In 4 weeks, my family and I have noticed a real change. Seriously, if you show up and commit to doing the work you will seriously reap the rewards. I am proof of that!!!! ~ M.C. Charlotte, NC

"Ana has inspired and motived me when I didn't think I could keep going..."

"Ana, Over the past 60 days, you have helped me in so many ways by inspiring and motivating me when I didn't think I could keep going! You are a constant source of spiritual and physical motivation that keeps our group moving towards a goal. Thank you so much. ~M. R. San Diego, CA

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