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How to Avoid Negative Self-Talk

Did you have a dream that you decided to give up on because the voice inside your head said you couldn't achieve it? Or do you constantly worry about not being good enough because that's how you see yourself? Although there are some benefits to being critical about your own work or actions, it's important to remember that no one should prevent you from pursuing your hopes and desires — especially yourself. Being your own worst (and unjust) critic and talking yourself down can only result in self-fulfilling prophecies that lead to failure. However, putting a stop to years of negative self-talk to become your own biggest cheerleader is easier said than done. If you need help getting started, here are three ways you can silence that harmful voice inside your mind:

1. Acknowledge Your Inner Critic

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A defeatist mindset can have worrying effects on how you approach life altogether. Maryville University states that there is growing research being done on the link between our mental wellbeing and learning success. This means that we are just beginning to uncover all the ways our brain can be affected by our mental health — something that negative self-talk can definitely impair. Fortunately, all hope is not lost, as the power to control your thoughts is still completely yours, you just need to find a way to do it.

In this same vein, a study published on Science Daily found that one reason why you might be stuck in a negative mindset is due to a lack of mental focus. To reclaim control, you must make an effort to notice when self-sabotage is in play. By acknowledging this, you'll be able to stop it, and in turn, remember your worth. And just in case your inner critic starts to take control, remember this: You didn't travel this far just to go back, and you're here because you'll go even further.

2. Practice Positive Thinking

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Despite regaining control over your thoughts, it's important to keep in mind that there's still an inner voice there that you can hone. In fact, University of Toronto researchers propose that our internal voice can help us become more self-controlled. When we set our minds straight, we can map out our actions clearly, and this is all about cultivating a positive environment for your headspace. A simple yet effective method to help you be more aware is writing down each hurtful thought and then transforming it into a hopeful one. You can manifest positive affirmations better by reciting them in front of a mirror. Albeit easier said than done, purposely taking small steps can lead to great changes. You only need to keep in mind that you shouldn't be your own victim in life, for you can live victoriously.

3. Believe in Yourself

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As mentioned in our post on the ‘3 Reasons Why It's Important to Celebrate Yourself Everyday’, we can only work on our confidence when we start believing in ourselves. Of course, dealing with negative thoughts can be quite tricky, as they are usually habits rooted in personal matters. But when we celebrate who we are, even for the smallest of accomplishments, we can begin to let go of the negative thoughts that shackle us. Dr. Kristin Neff from the University of Texas shares that when we treat ourselves kindly, not only will we make healthy lifestyle choices, but we are also less likely to develop depression or anxiety. Remember, sometimes the only person standing in your way is yourself. Ultimately, when you celebrate who you are, you will secure a beautiful strength that will help transform any challenge into a triumph. So, decide to set your mind on your dreams instead of your fears every single day, and even though it can be a challenge in the beginning, it's only going to get easier and brighter from here on out.


exclusively written for By Aly Kim

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