Are you ready to BE HEALTHY?

Ana will empower you to transform emotional or physical challenges into overall well-being -  using self-healing techniques, mind-body connection, and neuroscience. 


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Experience a personalized, one-on-one approach focusing on the whole body to achieve lasting results.
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Identify the root cause of your problems and eliminate self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs to reach your goals.
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Discover your hidden strengths, develop your body awareness and ignite your inner healer.

As a licensed physical therapist, Ana knows that a greater understanding of your body can take your healing to the next level.

The key is building your body awareness and igniting your healing abilities.

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This service can also include:

Soft Tissue Massage

Pilates and Therapeutic Exercises

As an expert in the body/mind connection, Ana can help you break down the unhealthy belief systems that are causing you to struggle, reduce your fear-based thinking and faulty patterns and shift your perspectives for profound positive changes. 

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This service can also include:

Body Tree Technique

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Taming Your Inner Critic

Setting SMART goals

Values Assessment

As an intuitive healer with a special gift of feeling, transmuting, and moving energy, Ana will "talk" to your body and learn what your body needs to move forward.

She will teach you to heal yourself, instead of relying on outside help, so you can speed along your healing journey.

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This service can also include:

Crystal Bed Light Therapy

Essential Oils

Crystals and Energy from Mother Nature


Sounds Healing (crystal bowl sound bath, drumming)

What is Ana's Holistic Approach?


We can't separate the body from the mind or the shoulder from the neck, everything is interconnected. When we treat the whole body and focus on the cause (instead of just the symptoms), healing happens so much faster and easier.

When working with Ana (in-person in her South Charlotte-NC office or remotely via Zoom), she will teach you how you can become your own healer.

How do I Book a Service?



Schedule an in-depth Evaluation & Initial Treatment (~ 90-minute)


Create a   Treatment Plan for your specific needs

Learn Ana's reliable and practical tools for the Body and Mind in a group setting.

Whether you are looking for ongoing accountability or a deep dive, this self-paced and low-cost virtual program is designed to put you in the driver's seat.

This simple step-by-step format helps you to take personal responsibility for your health and your life. 

  • Monthly Live meetings: group coaching with Ana

  • Virtual Be Healthy Academy and Wellness Path Course

  • Q&A With a Real Healthcare Professional

  • Special Discounts

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Ana is available to speak at your next event, podcast, or conference. Treat your audience to her extraordinary perspectives on Body, Mind, and Soul. Ana will tailor her presentations to your event’s specific theme. 

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There are always opportunities to continue to grow, learn and transform.

Zen Oasis: An Intensive Healing Experience

Ana will create a customized experience for your specific needs while you stay in her Airbnb (called the Zen Oasis). This experience (1-3 days) can be provided to 1-2 people to offer deeper growth in a highly supportive environment. Whether you want to resolve one particular issue quickly or just feel the need to supercharge your healing, this is a wonderful way to begin your intensive transformation. You’ll spend each day immersed in healing energy and comforting support, meditation, light exercise, and coaching sessions throughout the whole day.

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