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Mind-Body Coaching

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Unleash the Extraordinary Potential That's Already Inside You

As an expert in the body/mind connection, Ana can help you break down the unhealthy belief systems that are causing you to struggle, reduce your fear-based thinking and faulty patterns and shift your perspectives for profound positive changes. 

This service can also include:

Body Tree Technique

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Taming Your Inner Critic

Setting SMART goals

Values Assessment

Ana Marinho Mind-Body Coach

Ana Marinho's profound interest in healing the whole body led her to pursue certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner which made an excellent addition to her already innate ability to heal energetically.  


If you’re struggling right now, you’re not alone.


So many people in our modern society are suffering and don’t think they can do anything about it.


They keep repeating the same patterns over and over and getting the same results.


The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Transformational coaching might be a solution for you if you want to:


  • Overcome your fears and finally follow your dreams

  • Feel calmer, more confident and more capable

  • Do the things you want, not the things you “should”

  • Change the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

  • Create positive and powerful changes once and for all


With the right kind of coach, you receive compassionate guidance to move in a new direction. You get the necessary tools to enact permanent improvements and you can do it in the context of loving support and accountability.


Are you ready to:

  • Discover your hidden strengths?

  • Eliminate the self-sabotaging behaviors that are blocking your full expression?

  • Design a roadmap to your true desires?

You might not believe it yet, but it’s absolutely possible and you absolutely deserve it.

Ana can help you every step of the way.

life coach - Be Healthy
Life Coach- Be Healthy

"Everyone has a doctor in him or her. We just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well." -Hippocrates

You already knew that coaching was amazing, right?

Well, now we have proof—actual scientific data—that demonstrates the quantitative value of Core Energy Coaching.

The data, gathered from 695 coaching clients, from 130 countries around the world, who took the ELI before and after working with a coach, shows some really powerful findings:

  • Core Energy Coaching decreased destructive energy from 68% to 59% while under stress and increased constructive energy from 32% to 41%.

  • By generating more constructive energy, you open yourself to experiencing forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy, and passion. You become aware of more opportunities and choices, and gain greater access to creativity, intuition, cooperation, synergy, acceptance, and deep wisdom.

  • Clients experienced a statistically significant increase in ARL (average of all your energy levels).

  • Clients reported higher levels of life satisfaction across the board, in 14 distinct areas, from financial success to engagement at work, personal freedom, intimate relationships, and beyond.

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Are you ready to improve your life satisfaction?
You can be the next one to transform your story.


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The ELI questionnaire was easy and quick to complete. The results provided me with an amazing understanding of how I deal with life situations, with astonishing accuracy. This is a tool that not only provides you with an understanding of how you deal in the present time, but more importantly, provides an explanation and pathway of how to transition, so that you are consistently functioning at higher energy levels. So many Ah Ha moments that increased my awareness to who I am and assisted me to become the person I was always meant to be." - M.C., London, England

Energy Leadership Index- Be Healthy

“I have eliminated 95% of my pain and 100% of my fatigue”

I have been on a long winding path of Chronic illness for 15+ years. I am a person who has “tried everything” but the last several years I gave up on trying new things because it was expensive and I was afraid of getting let down.


The leap of faith I took in Ana has not disappointed me! I felt better in one session than I had felt in years. I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years! I have eliminated 95% of my pain! I have reduced fatigue by 100%!


She says your time to heal depends on your commitment and with the Be Healthy Academy you can learn so much in such a short time! I highly recommend adding that to private sessions like I did! I went all in and I’m so glad I did! Ana is a gifted, unique, warm-hearted healer.


Thank you Ana! Thank you! I can not recommend her enough!

Pain: 9/10

Location: Everywhere

Jenifer Garcia-Before.jpg

95% Less Pain

100% More Energy

Jenifer Garcia-Before.jpg

In Just
6 Sessions

Jennifer Garcia (Small).jpg

Jenifer Garcia

M.A. Clinical and Psychology

“I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%”

"My results are so wonderful that I can't help sharing. I arrived with depression, anxiety, overweight, alcoholism, and acute fibromyalgia. I could barely walk because I was in pain 24 hours.

Today, I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80% and I already do things I never thought I would do again… I lost 12 pounds without even dieting!"

Pain: 9/10

Energy: 5/10

Sleep: 0/10

Dani Deus-Before.jpg

Pain: 3/10

Energy: 9/10

Sleep: 10/10

Lost 12 pounds

Dani Deus-After.jpg

In Just 5 Sessions

Dani Deus (Small).jpg

Dani Deus

Theta Healer

" The ELI assessment helped me to acknowledge and understand my thinking and behaviors. While showing me where there was room for improvement and growth. This assessment should be taken by everyone, as the perspectives we have are the reflection of ourselves. The assessment helps us to see our true selves without judgment." - S.M., Charlotte, NC

"Ana Marinho has been an incredible Health partner. Her knowledge, experience, background and personality provide for the perfect recipe to get the job done. She knows exactly how to create a healing and safe practice that encourages health and well-being. And she doesn't only do but she teaches and creates a partnership so that I can rely on her but not need to depend on anyone else but myself.  She is a true healer." P.G.- Santa Monica, CA

" Ana has the remarkable gift of connecting deeply with her patients in order to understand how to truly heal from the inside-out.  As a life coach, she has been able to gently but firmly guide me away from self-destructive behaviors that have inhibited personal growth and propelled me toward a path of self-love, self-respect and a clearer vision of the future. Her unique and personalized approach to overall health and well-being has been the best present I could have ever given to myself." S.C.- Charlotte, NC

"I have worked with many body coaches and physical therapists over the years, but Ana is truly the best of the best. She has a unique way of understanding how your body and your mind are connected, and has helped me create space for improvements that I didn't believe existed. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone who is having a physical challenge and wants to approach the issues from multiple perspectives to enhance and quicken your healing. I know I'm going to work with her as much as I can, and I'm telling all my family and friends about her too." H.J.- Charlotte, NC

Are You Ready to HEAL and Take Your Power Back?
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