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​Learn more about yourself and your potential

Have you been pondering these thoughts?...


  • What’s making you a target?


  • How is judgment effecting you?


  • What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?


  • Where’s the stress coming from?


  • How do my emotions affect my health?


  • Want to be Free and see your potential?


  • Would you like to learn more about yourself?

Energetic Self Perception- Be Healthy

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI)* is a one-of-kind assessment that measures your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and leadership capabilities.

This test is unique in that it not only measures what you do…but the reasons why you do it.

The ELI makes your unconscious responses and actions visible to you.
With this assessment, you get a real “snapshot” of who you are today and what your full potential is moving forward. As an ELI certified coach, Ana can help you to achieve your maximum potential, every step of the way.


The assessment also reveals the filters you have and how you see and react to life and experiences, in both normal and stressful times. It’s like an x-ray of your emotions and behaviors that explains your response to specific circumstances.


This assessment does not label the individual like most tests. However, provides insight as to why your subconscious handles a particular pattern. Those thoughts hold us back creating a limit to being able to achieve our best selves.


The ELI provides a person with how they can achieve their highest potential through both strengths and weakness.


The technique allows those who have been curious about having more understanding of themselves and being more aware of your emotional response.


The online assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. Afterward, a private session lasting about an hour to discuss your results- available online or in person. As an ELI certified coach, Ana can help you to achieve your maximum potential, every step of the way.


*The ELI Assessment is listed as number 3 in Forbes' top 11 assessments... 

The ELI isn't just for executives since we are all leaders of our own lives and our healthy.

Ana Marinho ELI Logo

You already knew that coaching was amazing, right?

Well, now we have proof—actual scientific data—that demonstrates the quantitative value of Core Energy Coaching.

The data, gathered from 695 coaching clients, from 130 countries around the world, who took the ELI before and after working with a coach, shows some really powerful findings:

  • Core Energy Coaching decreased destructive energy from 68% to 59% while under stress and increased constructive energy from 32% to 41%.

  • By generating more constructive energy, you open yourself to experiencing forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy, and passion. You become aware of more opportunities and choices, and gain greater access to creativity, intuition, cooperation, synergy, acceptance, and deep wisdom.

  • Clients experienced a statistically significant increase in ARL (average of all your energy levels).

  • Clients reported higher levels of life satisfaction across the board, in 14 distinct areas, from financial success to engagement at work, personal freedom, intimate relationships, and beyond.

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"The ELI questionnaire was easy and quick to complete. The results provided me with an amazing understanding of how I deal with life situations, with astonishing accuracy. This is a tool that not only provides you with an understanding of how you deal in the present time, which I now realize is a pattern of behavior carried with us over time. But more importantly, provides an explanation and pathway of how to transition, so that you are consistently functioning at higher energy levels. Ana’s explanation of the results made sense. So many Ah Ha moments that increased my awareness to who I am and assisted me to become the person I was always meant to be. It makes sense to see the evidence using this tool as together it backs up what you feel, understand and are learning from the coaching sessions. I would absolutely recommend that anyone having coaching sessions uses the ELI tool as a before and after summary as feeling better and seeing the changes that have occurred in print is amazing." - M.C., London, UK

Energy Leadership Index- Be Healthy

" The ELI assessment helped me to acknowledge and understand my thinking and behaviors. While showing me where there was room for improvement and growth. The assessment didn’t limit or judge like other tests would, but was more so a confirmation of how I felt both consciously and subconsciously before taking the assessment. Without blaming and pointing fingers at me.I would recommend this assessment to others because of the way we feel and think about circumstances is like a “peephole” in a door. The assessment allows you to be able to see past the “peephole” and through a huge window, as well as be able to open the window to other possibilities. Being able to see and understand what life “could be” from the behaviors we have changed how my perspective affected my actions. This assessment should be taken by everyone, as the perspectives we have are the reflection of ourselves. The assessment helps us to see our true selves without judgment." - S.M., Charlotte, NC 

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