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Find the Healing and Peace That Has Always Been Missing

Ana Marinho Energy Healing

As an intuitive healer with a special gift of feeling, transmuting, and moving energy, Ana will "talk" to your body and learn what your body needs to move forward.

She will teach you to heal yourself, instead of relying on outside help, so you can speed along your healing journey.

This service can also include:

Crystal Bed Light Therapy

Essential Oils

Crystals and Energy from Mother Nature


Sounds Healing (crystal bowl sound bath, drumming)

Do you feel things other people don’t feel?


Can you pick up on the emotions of others like they’re your own?


Do you feel drained by even the simplest interaction?

If so, you’re likely an empath, and no one ever shows an empath how to thrive in our chaotic world. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn how. With Ana’s help, you can develop the energetic tools for yourself, rather than relying on an outside healer, so you can use them comfortably and confidently every day.



  • Live the life you want with less stress and less permeability


  • Navigate public spaces without having your energy drained


  • Recognize which emotions are yours and which are not


  • Enjoy new activities you might have avoided in the past


  • Embrace your empathic gifts and improve the world around you



If you’ve ever done energy work, you know that you might feel great afterwards, but the effects rarely stick.


The good news is, when you know how to clear your own energetic field, and work your own chakras, you can choose what you feel and what you don’t. For most, that’s an entirely new lease on life.


Ana’s clients and friends have often referred to her as an “energetic alchemist,” and even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, you’ll probably experience a greater feeling of depth and improved results.

intuitive healer- Be Healthy
Energy Healing- Be Healthy

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein


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"Ana is an incredible intuitive healer. I didn't know what to expect with my first healing session, but Ana created a safe comfortable environment, not only to address my back and neck issues, but the deeper causes of this pain. I walked away feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated. Ana knows her stuff!" - K.M., San Diego, CA

"Ana is a wonderful human being and a gifted healer. She integrates her wealth of knowledge and experience as a physical therapist with the grounding energy of her work with alternative healing techniques. I feel like I can go to see her for just about any issue I am dealing with and she has the skills to address it from many angles, with grace and good humor." - J.K., Joshua Tree, CA

" Ana’s integrated approach to multi-dimensional healing, growth into adulthood, and empowerment of spiritual expression can seem, at first, to be simple. Yet a simplicity that is an artifact of a high order integration of methods and skills – hence an instance of what is called in developmental studies “second simplicity” – yielding a very potent, dynamically effective, and in my experience unique mode of coaching. Both individual and relational issues that have persisted for decades fall away and resolve rather quickly. Latent capacities come forth into everyday lived experience. All the while Ana fiercely and lovingly committed to the well-being and evolution of each of her clients, engaging each soul exactly where they are at in their journey, while insisting that clients move on as quickly as possible, preventing any sticky or lingering co-dependence on her as coach. I highly recommend her work."- M.S., Augusta GA

" Ana is a gifted coach.  She has a beautiful way of connecting into the physical discomfort and guiding you through to the energetic discomfort.  Here is where I saw and felt her gift.  She lovingly brought me to the energy block that for years showed as a physical ailment.  Together she allowed me the space to truly see the trauma and acknowledge that is was something that I no longer needed to hold on to.  With in days I began to see and feel a change happen within my body.  Her guidance has helped me acknowledge all the beautiful things around me and given me the courage to know that I am a strong and loving woman." A.J.- Philadelphia, PA

" Ana is a highly gifted healer. My treatment was surprisingly intense and I was grateful for the experience. I look forward to another one soon!" - I.A., Pasadena, CA

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