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What IF....

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How many times in our life we just don't do things because we are afraid of the worst-case scenario? What would you like to create in the new year? What could you do differently to move towards your wildest dreams? What if you could release your fear of "I can't?"

One little change can make a big difference. 

I know a lot of people that live their lives holding back on their dreams (and sometimes even on the ability to dream) because they are so worried about " I can't" or they sit and wait until the day that "If only that" happens.

I challenge you to use "What if" instead of "I can't" or "If only"

For one week, every time that you bump up against a thought that threatens to shut you down, you can ask yourself, “What if...?”

  • What if I can create this?

  • What if somebody actually likes it?

  • What if I try it?

Here's what I think might be going on here. In my own life, and with the many wonderful women I get to work with, I've noticed that almost as soon as we start to identify what we truly desire, we slam right up against all of the reasons we can't have it.

And we shut down. Or, we look longingly at our fading dream as if it's the mythical city of Camelot, fantasizing, "If only things could be different..."

  • If only I had a job I loved.

  • If only I didn’t have so much debt, then I could _______.

  • If only I didn’t have to do ______, then I could do what I love.

  • If only I didn't have that pain, I would ______.

  • If only I weren't so stressed, I could ______.

  • If only my family, friends, environment, .... were ______

Oh, girlfriend! I have spent so much time wandering around in that wilderness! And I’ll bet you have too. It's what I call the If Only Trap. If only there were a way to turn it around... ; ) Oh, but there is!

Start here. Ask: “What if?”

Either you choose to follow the "If Only Trap" or you try a new path with "What if".  You will see the ripple effects in your life very quickly.


We attract what we focus on, right? What would you like to attract?

What is The Difference Between "If only..." and "What if"?"

Notice the tremendous energy shift when we move from "If only..." to "What if?"

What is YOUR "What if?"

  • What if I can do more of what I love?

  • What if I can create more time for myself?

  • What if my family doesn’t resent me for taking the time to do what I love? What if I find a way to do it anyway?

  • What if I can say “no” to that job that squashes my soul?

  • What if I can be pain-free?

  • What if I could improve my health from the inside-out?

Try This

Every day, for one week, question any thought that sucks energy away from what you truly desire.

1. Notice when you bump up against "I can't" or "If only..."

“I can’t...” “This won’t work...” “If only I could...”

2. Calm the thought.

Tell it, “Yes, I see you. I see that you’re just trying to keep me safe. Thank you. I’ve got this.”

3. Now ask yourself, “What If?”

What if I can do _________. What if it does work? What if I don’t have to? What if I can say “no” to something I don’t love? What if I say "yes" to what I yearn for?

4. Ask with curiosity. Ask with true wonder. Ask with a sense of possibility.

Notice how you feel. (Doesn’t that feel more powerful?)

Well done, dear one! You’ve just created a big opening for creative inspiration, new ideas/ insights and even self-healing to come in.

Watch for it.

Listen for it.

Thank it.

Act on it.

And then tell us about your "What if?" in the comments bellow!

Much love, Ana Marinho

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