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Grounding Meditation: Find your Center

What is Grounding Meditation?

Grounding is a technique that helps you stay present and align with your own truth. Sometimes you may find yourself lacking energy, experiencing anxiety, or feeling spacey with distracted energy. Using this grounding meditation will help balance your energy. This meditation will help you to feel grounded, and also flexible (like a bamboo).

How To Ground Yourself For Meditation

Before you start your meditation session, connect with the physical environment and the spiritual energy of your surroundings. By grounding yourself and connecting with Earth’s energy, you will become more aware of the rhythms of your own body.

Walk on grass barefoot and feel the Earth under your feet. You can walk on grass, dirt, or wet sand. Focus on the sensation of the Earth beneath you.Connect with nature. Make contact with a tree or other living organism from Earth.

How To Start Meditating

1. Prepare yourself

Turn off all electronics including cell phones and televisions.Find a quiet place where you can be alone for 20 minutes. If possible, find a place where you can be outside to make contact with the Earth, with your bare feet in grass or soil.Sit in a chair and place your feet firmly on the ground, or sit directly on the ground. Close your eyes and place your hands in your lap with palms facing upward.Take a moment to make sure your body is comfortable.

2. Focus on your breathing

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.Breathe in through your nose, slowly and deeply. Exhale and feel your stomach relax.Focus on breathing this way for a couple of minutes until it becomes rhythmic and effortless.Notice if you have fallen into any distractions and return your awareness to your breathing.

3. Begin the Visualization Method

Method 1: Tree Meditation

Visualize yourself sitting on a tree trunk.Focus on the energy in your body flowing downward to the earth. The tree has become an extension of your body, extending through your feet. Continue to imagine this tree trunk traveling down through Earth, until your trunk finally reaches the center of the Earth.While you are breathing, let any negative feelings escape your body. Leave any feelings of pain, frustration, anger or bitterness in the center of the Earth.Push your energy upward. Imagine Earth’s energy flowing back up through your trunk.

Method 2: Mountain Meditation

Visualize a beautiful mountain. Picture its various details and stable, unmoving presence grounded in the earth.Bring the mountain inside yourself. Envision yourself becoming the mountain.Imagine yourself sitting in stillness and in calm, simply observing and resting unwavering as the various weather patterns, storms, and seasons pass before you.Feel yourself rooted in stillness amidst the constant change of your internal and external experience.

4. Come Back to Stillness

Before opening your eyes, rest in the feelings of centeredness and calm for a few moments.When you feel ready, bring your mind back to your body and open your eyes.Any time you feel unfocused, close your eyes and visualize the connection that you have shared with Earth.

The more you practice grounded meditation, the more automatic it becomes. By taking a few moments each day to practice, you’ll not only have better energy in your daily life, but you’ll be able to re-focus yourself so you can find inner calmness and peace wherever you are.

Valentine's day is coming. If you feel too overwhelmed on finding a perfect gift or maybe preparing a romantic date for your loved ones, may it be your kids --- Grounding meditation will help you balance that distracted energy and find your center and focus amidst of the chaos of the said festivity.

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