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Healthy Boundaries During the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!!!

It's that time of the year once more!! Can you believe it's almost New Year?

The holidays are just getting started and everyone's been busy shopping, gift giving, attending events and parties, getting together with friends, and attending family reunions. It is the season when everyone is merry and excited!!

The holidays are a festive time. But nevertheless, it can also be the time of overdoing things and feeling overwhelmed...

We may overspend, over-eat, and over-drink! And many times we have the tendency to be people pleasers.

During this holiday, I would like to invite you to do things differently. I would like to invite you to set healthy boundaries.

Setting healthy boundaries helps us not to get frustrated and not to feel regretful when the season has passed. When we set boundaries, we can enjoy the holiday season much better!

How about you? What will you do differently during this holiday? 

** If you want to learn how to create healthy boundaries, check out my next Boundaries class or schedule a Free Discovery Session to create a personalized program just for you.

Pictures from @spoonie_village and @be_healthy_ana_marinho Instagram.

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