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Today’s Conversation: Self-Healing: Ignite Our Inner Healing Abilities

Ana Marinho joins Enolia and Sara Jane for this beautifully enlightening conversation on Self-Healing.

I was invited by my good friend Enolia to join her and Sara Jane in their online program called, Today's Conversation which centers on how life is changing all the time, and for many this can be very challenging, stressful, draining, even traumatic. In these conversations, Enolia and Sara Jane talk about these challenges, supporting people to heal their lives, to find greater confidence in themselves, their abilities, and find joy & happiness, in a more peaceful world.

I am so honored to be in the presence of this amazing duo - being able to talk about Self-Healing: Ignite Our Inner Healing Abilities. Our conversation focused on what is self-healing.

Self-healing is the ability of the body to heal itself. Most people don't believe that we can heal ourselves - always looking for validation, outside of the self, to be able to improve our healing abilities.

If we cut our finger, the wound will heal, right?

There is so much that can be done to ignite our own innate ability of healing because our bodies will heal. It is first and foremost designed to heal itself.

Neuroplasticity and the Placebo Effect are science-based studies that explain that SELF-HEALING IS REAL.

Sometimes, the body stops healing or slows down the normal abilities to heal.

The idea of igniting our self-healing abilities is any technique that helps the body to heal itself faster. It is a reminder to the body how to self-heal.

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