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You Can Rewire your Brain!

Habits play an important role in our health. Understanding the science behind how we develop habits and learning how we can break those patterns and create new ones can help us to make healthier choices. The research on neuroplasticity shows that we are very capable of creating new pathways through practice and repetition no matter how old we are!

Rewire your brain
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Learning to take the road less traveled will strengthen the new habits as the old habits begin to gradually diminish. Think of how a river or creek is formed. Overtime, water traveling down the same pathway will create a deep crevice in the earth allowing it to flow in the same pattern. The water will only flow in a different pattern if it is forced perhaps by a fallen tree, rock or man-made dam. Now the water has been redirected and begins is forge a new pathway or tributary. This is very much how thoughts travel in our brain. Overtime, our negative self-talk or poor habits can forge deep and familiar pathways in our brain making it difficult to navigate in a different direction. The research on neuroplasticity shows that with practice we can train our brain to choose a new pathway. Suddenly, the road less traveled begins to become the more popular choice ultimately leading toward a more positive outcome. How cool is that!

I found the awesome infographic below that was created by the professionals at Alta Mira, a San Francisco-area rehabilitation and recovery center. I think it really helps to break down the science behind neuroplasticity for the lay person.

As an experienced and certified transformational coach, I am always blown away when I witness "new highways" being built by my hardworking clients. Change is work. Stepping away from the familiar is work. I am here for support and guidance when you are ready to make long-lasting , positive change! Schedule your FREE Discovery Session Now.


If you want to go even deeper, Self-Study Course: Ignite Your Inner Healer is out now!

This program was designed as a complement to Ana’s best-selling book: Ignite Your Inner Healer. It will expand on the tools from the book. It is a great way to learn more about your body and how you can "Ignite Your Inner Healer".

Each week, you will explore different transformational tools, and you will have a chance to practice those tools between sessions.

Week 1: Intro to self-healing techniques

Week 2: Improve your neuroplasticity - substitute your poor habits for healthier ones

Week 3: Connect with your body = Empower your body

Week 4: Ignite your inner healer - allow the body to heal

Ready To Rewire Your Brain?

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