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You’re a fantastic healthcare provider. 

I’m a physical therapist and mind-body health expert. 

I want to help YOU accelerate your patients’ healing by gifting them a subscription to my holistic health Academy.


No strings, no cost.

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I am selecting a few healthcare providers to collaborate with.

This is by invitation only.

I believe you are a wonderful provider, and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Over the past four years, I've developed and tested a science-based wellness program designed to accelerate healing for our patients beyond our office visits.


This program has been a game-changer for my practice, and I believe it could greatly benefit yours as well. It saves time, resources, and boosts referrals while enhancing treatment plan compliance. It’s a win-win-win opportunity.

This holistic program empowers patients to gain self-awareness, manage stress, connect deeply with their bodies, adopt healthier habits and a positive mindset.

What if you could give your clients a gift card for a virtual, science-based wellness program (value: $59) at no cost? 

Not just any gift, but a gift that would benefit their healing journey.

Would you be interested?

Your patients will be grateful to YOU for providing an additional tool that helps their recovery.

Be Healthy Academy will give your most difficult patients
the power to take control of their lives

enabling your plan of care to be even more effective!

My light is beginning to shine bright again!

The monthly video calls are so informative, motivating, and uplifting.  I love being part of a like-minded community of people.  We receive assignments that help with goal-setting, making healthy boundaries, understanding our values, and much more.  The community celebrates our growth and inspires us to be the highest version of ourselves. I finally feel HOPE after such a long period of sadness and darkness. "

Deanna (Small).jpg

Deanna Scaldaferri (massage therapist, energy healer)

 "I am so thankful"​

The tools we were given enabled me to quickly implement them into my daily life... In a few weeks, I became more present, more aware, and less stressed. I am so thankful. The change and achievements that have been made have been incredible. If you show up and commit to doing the work you will seriously reap the rewards. I am proof of that!!!!"


M.C. Charlotte, NC

Let Me Help You Help Your Clients

You are dedicated to providing excellent and holistic care for your patients.


Your deepest wish for your clients is that they heal and recover as fast as possible.

We both understand that pain can be physical, emotional, and/or mental.

I can help teach them to manage the underlying chronic stress contributing to their health issues.

Your clients may be suffering from:





Chronic fatigue

Digestive problems


Back pain


Weight problems

Unexplained migraines

Sleep challenges

The longer they are in pain… the harder it gets to heal, right?

It is SO frustrating - you know they have the potential to heal. But they NEED to know some key things about the science of pain and stress management:

Developing a healthy Mindset is the key to unlocking relief - for all types of pain

Pain doesn't always mean injury or tissue damage. However, it doesn't mean it's all in their head, either. Pain is generated and modulated by the brain, and they have more control over it than they think

Growing more nervous system regulation and capacity leads to faster healing. Emotional pain and stress can manifest physically, so it is important that clients learn how to manage stress and regulate their nervous system

The mind and the body are connected. They can control their mindset more than they think, and they can learn how to navigate through pain/stress.

Pain management should also address and improve function and quality of life!

Most importantly, there is HOPE!

Chronic pain is not permanent. It IS complex, and it takes a village (of healthcare providers) to treat successfully.


It’s time we give our patients the power to take control of their health!

This is where Be Healthy Academy comes in!

My goal for offering this science-based group program is to enhance and complement your treatment/recovery program, so you can offer a totally holistic approach to helping your patients.

The Academy I’m gifting your clients blends science, mindset, and holistic healing to rewire the brain and reconnect with the body to make changes that last.

​I want your clients to be successful, not overwhelmed!

Based on my 16+ years of working with clients, I’ve organized the Academy into a My Signature Step-by-Step Course: “Heal From Chronic Pain” to provide the most essential tools to help them HEAL from chronic pain even faster. 

“I have eliminated 95% of my pain and 100% of my fatigue”

Be Healthy Academy has been a treasure trove of wellness information and healing techniques. I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years!


I have learned so much about healing and a variety of techniques that I can do on my own. I feel like I have finally found my tribe! The Academy has increased my ability to "live" the techniques I learned. Thank you for offering such great content!

Jennifer Garcia (Small).jpg

Jennifer Garcia, M.A. Clinical and Counseling Psychology


Good news! Be Healthy Academy’s clients have a track record of breaking through the health hamster wheel

Just pause with me for a moment, and imagine if your patients could:

Wipe out chronic pain and forge ahead into a happy, healthy future

Master managing stress and calming their nervous system so they can heal faster

Liberate themselves from fear of hurting themselves again, and get back to the activities they love, like hiking, yoga, and gardening

Revolutionize their outlook on life because they understand that mind-body connection and mindset can shift everything

Feel the thrill of doing things they never thought they'd do again

Get (and stay!) motivated to meet their wellness goals


Imagine if they finally know they’re on the path to healing, even if it will take time.

The bottom line:

They’re hopeful again.

The Academy gives your patients the confidence to pursue an approach to recovery that re-trains both the body and the brain. This program will be complementary to your wonderful resources.


This program has helped many clients achieve measurable growth and better outcomes.


Let’s talk about how we can help YOUR clients too.

“My body aches have improved by 80%”

My results are so wonderful that I can't help sharing. I arrived with depression, anxiety, overweight, alcoholism, and acute fibromyalgia. I could barely walk because I was in pain 24 hours.


Today, I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80% and I already do things I never thought I would do again… I lost 12 pounds without even dieting!

Dani Deus
Theta healer

Dani Deus (Small - Academy).jpg

What’s In The Be Healthy Academy?

A Holistic Science-Based membership for everyone ready to take control of their health and heal from chronic pain.


Interactive live (virtual!) meetings twice a month (workshops, coaching group, Q&A) to provide support and motivation

My Signature Step-by-Step Course: “Heal From Chronic Pain”

Holistic library with 200+ simple video lessons with actionable practices to create lasting changes

Printable worksheets and PDFs to support client’s healing journey

Meditations and practical techniques to calm the nervous system

A virtual and supportive community to connect with other chronic pain sufferers

Q&A with a healthcare professional with 16+ years of experience 

Wellness challenges and accountability

All virtually accessible from the comfort of home!

"Got my life back!"

I endure a rare condition and Be Healthy Academy has helped me get my LIFE BACK!!!!!

What makes this program stand out amongst the crowd? The group coaching! It encourages and motivates me… I am amazed and very fortunate. I can't thank you enough!


North Carolina

What's incuded

What do we cover inside the Academy?


Technique to Befriend Your Body and Release Your Pain

Sabotaging Behaviors that Affect Pain

3 Questions that Will Shift Your Pain

Exercises to Transform Your Pain Mindset

Pain Science

Pain and its Relationship to the Brain, and What to Do About it

Secrets to Outsmarting the Stress-Pain Connection

How the Nervous System Affects Your Health and Your Pain

Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain

Healing the Body, the Brain, and the Nervous System

The Autonomic Nervous System and How to Manage Stress Reaction


Create Healthy Boundaries and Access Your Body Intelligence

Overcome Inner Blocks and Keep Negative Thoughts Away

Overcome Emotional and Physical Triggers

Identify and Release Old Patterns and Habits

Goal Setting and Tools to Track Your Progress

Somatic and Body

Holistic methods to decrease inflammation and ignite healing

Movement lessons led by a physical therapist because we all know motion is lotion! 😉

Sleep posture and strategies to improve sleep

Secrets to releasing trauma from the body to ease the pain for good!

Are you ready to boost your clients' results?

And how many referrals will they give you because you changed their life? 🎉🎉


Wondering Who’s Helping Your Clients?


Holistic Physical Therapist, Self-Healing Specialist, and Certified Wellness Coach.


I am a self-healing specialist and physical therapist. For 16+ years, I have been empowering clients to heal from chronic pain, take control of their health, and get their lives back.


After healing holistically from cancer, I committed my life to building a self-healing movement. I have written a best-selling book, Ignite Your Inner Healer. I am also an international speaker and have been featured on NBC, A Teaspoon of Healing podcast, and the Annual NC Lupus Summit. You can find me teaming up with wellness experts to explore a range of healing modalities on my “Be Healthy with Ana” podcast. 


As you can tell, I’m passionate about making holistic healing available to everyone. Because I believe that we all deserve a life free from chronic health issues.



Physical Therapist

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How does it work

How Do We Collaborate?


Click here to fill out this quick form.


Receive Your Special gift code.

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I will personally email your code and then you can provide it to your clients!




All your clients have to do is:

select their plan, and

add your special code.

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It’s as easy as A-B-C to get on the path to getting their lives back for good!

For more information about the program, visit  

 It’s that simple to help your clients get on their healing path. 

Click below to head over to the registration form.



Los Angeles - CA

“When you join this program, it creates a sense of commitment. I am inspired when other members are moving forward.  I already lost 30 pounds. 

“I learned to take control of my health!”

Just a year ago, I felt lost, mentally and physically in such a bad place. Since joining the Academy, I learned to meditate, take control of my health, my sleep patterns, my nutrition, and my relationships in life. I learned so much! I put off a knee surgery that I thought was the “only way”. I feel like a new person.

Belinda Cobb (Small - Academy).jpg

Belinda Cobb

Want to See What It’s All About Before Referring Your Clients?

I know it can be difficult to refer someone without knowing personally what they do or who they are.

If you are like me and don’t recommend anything until you try it, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join one of my workshops/coaching groups, so you can get a feel for what I do and how I can help you help your clients. 


To set up a virtual demo, email me ( I would be happy to schedule a virtual tea-and-chat with you.


You have nothing to lose and unlimited potential to gain. ❤️ 



→ This is too good to be true, what is in there for Ana? This is a win-win-win opportunity. Your client wins science-based resources from a healthcare provider and knowledge to help their health. You win because your clients will love you even more after you offer them a great referral. I win because I will be supporting even more people. 🤗

→ What is the Be Healthy Academy all about? Be Healthy Academy is a one-of-a-kind membership program. It is holistic science-based membership that blends pain science, mindset, nervous system regulation, and holistic healing to rewire the brain and reconnect with the body to make changes that last. Our goal is to empower clients to heal from chronic pain, take control of their health and get their life back. The Academy includes: - My Signature Step-by-Step Course: “Self-Healing Path: Heal from Chronic Pain” ~ 11 hours - Interactive live meetings 2x a month - Holistic library with 200+ simple video lessons with actionable practices - Printable PDFs to support self-healing journey - Meditations and practical techniques to calm the nervous system - A virtual and supportive community - Q&A with a healthcare professional with over 15 years of experience - Wellness challenges and accountability All virtually accessible from the comfort of your home! Visit for more details.

→ What happens after my client's free trial finishes? If your patient finds the program beneficial, they can choose to continue it at a regular price. Visit to see current payment options.

→ What are the client's fees after the trial? The Be Healthy Academy is a membership program. We have three payment plan options. Visit to see current payment options.

→ What’s my obligation? How many patients do I have to refer? There is no obligation and no commitment! At this point, feel free to give out your code to the clients that can benefit from this program!

→ How many clients can I refer to this program? At this time, it is unlimited. Take advantage now! Your partner code can be given to as many clients as you wish. However, each client can only use your code once. *This is subject to change without prior notice.

Just click below to get started.

Lucia S (Small).jpg

Lucia S.

“My allergies decreased by 90%” 

Truly the best of the best! I learned that I can reach all of my goals. I feel more positive and empowered.

"Our “Tribe” as we call it is a magical place! 

It brings a group of women and men together from all over the world,  and for One and a half hours twice a month, we all feel as if we are in the very same room and that we could reach out and touch each other. . .  I also consider my “Tribe” mates as friends... WE ALL care about each other.

Beth (Small).jpg


Jean Clair_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jean Clair

Be Healthy Academy provides many tools needed to improve my quality of life, such as meditation, exercise, and encouragement. We have Zoom meetings two times a month with others who provide support, love and just BE THERE for each other! Give it a try! YOU will not be disappointed!💕🤗💗 


Rachel Niemiec

“...Seeing someone else’s post inspires me to take action! The monthly meetings provide space for me to check in with myself, which keeps me committed to my progress. The Academy has new content each session that will challenge and energize me in the same breath. … It has had a great impact on my growth in just 2 months.

Recommendations and information provided on this site are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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