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You’re a fantastic healthcare provider. 

I’m a physical therapist and mind-body health expert. 

I want to help YOU accelerate your patients’ healing by gifting them a subscription to my holistic health Academy.


No strings, no cost.

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I am selecting a few healthcare providers to collaborate with.

This is by invitation only.

I believe you are a wonderful provider, and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you.

It’s a win-win-win opportunity.

What if you could give your clients a gift card for a virtual, science-based wellness program (value: $59) at no cost? 

Not any gift, but a gift that would benefit their healing journey.

Would you be interested?

Your patients will be grateful to YOU for providing an additional tool that helps their recovery.

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Dani Deus
Theta healer

“My body aches have improved by 80%”

My results are so wonderful that I can't help sharing. I arrived with depression, anxiety, overweight, alcoholism, and acute fibromyalgia. I could barely walk because I was in pain 24 hours.


Today, I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80% and I already do things I never thought I would do again… I lost 12 pounds without even dieting!

"Ana has helped me get my life back!"

Ana is AMAZING! I endure a rare condition and Ana has helped me get my LIFE BACK!!!!!

What makes this program stand out amongst the crowd? The group coaching! It encourages and motivates me… I am amazed and very fortunate to have one of the best. I can't thank Ana enough!


North Carolina

Let Me Help You Help Your Clients

You are dedicated to providing excellent and holistic care for your patients.


Your deepest wish for your clients is that they heal and recover as fast as possible.

We both understand that pain can be physical, emotional, and/or mental.

I can help teach them to manage the underlying chronic stress contributing to their health issues.

Your clients may be suffering from:





Chronic fatigue

Digestive problems


Back pain


Weight problems

Unexplained migraines

Sleep challenges

The longer they are in pain… the harder it gets to heal, right?

It is SO frustrating - you know they have the potential to heal. But they NEED to know some key things about the science of pain and stress management:

Developing a healthy Mindset is the key to unlocking relief - for all types of pain

Pain doesn't always mean injury or tissue damage. However, it doesn't mean it's all in their head, either. Pain is generated and modulated by the brain, and they have more control over it than they think

Growing more nervous system regulation and capacity leads to faster healing. Emotional pain and stress can manifest physically, so it is important that clients learn how to manage stress and regulate their nervous system

The mind and the body are connected. They can control their mindset more than they think, and they can learn how to navigate through pain/stress.

Pain management should also address and improve function and quality of life!

Most importantly, there is HOPE!

Chronic pain is not permanent. It IS complex, and it takes a village (of healthcare providers) to treat successfully.


It’s time we give our patients the power to take control of their health!

This is where Be Healthy Academy comes in!

My goal for offering this science-based group program is to enhance and complement your treatment/recovery program, so you can offer a totally holistic approach to helping your patients.

The Academy I’m gifting your clients blends science, mindset, and holistic healing to rewire the brain and reconnect with the body to make changes that last.

“I have eliminated 95% of my pain and 100% of my fatigue”

Be Healthy Academy has been a treasure trove of wellness information and healing techniques. I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years!


I have learned so much about healing and a variety of techniques that I can do on my own to heal myself. I feel like I have finally found my tribe! The Academy has increased my ability to "live" the techniques that Ana teaches. Thank you Ana for offering such great content!

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Jennifer Garcia, M.A. Clinical and Counseling Psychology