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Ana Marinho - Be Healthy


Ana Marinho is a licensed Physical Therapist, Mind-Body Coach, Intuitive Healer, and the founder of Be Healthy, LLC. 


With over 13 years of unmatched experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines, she has been able to educate and heal her patients by combining Eastern and Western modalities in order to make lasting change.


Her patient-centered,whole-body approach to healing gets to the real core of your difficulties and eliminates them for good.


Ana offers her multi-faceted approach remotely via teleconference or in-person at her South Charlotte location (North Carolina). 

holistic physical therapy - Be Healthy

Physical Therapy

As a licensed physical therapist, Ana knows that a greater understanding of your body can take your process to the next level.

The key is building your body awareness.

Transformational Life Coach -Be Healthy


As an expert in the body/mind connection, Ana can help you break down the unhealthy belief systems that are causing you to struggle, reduce your fear-based thinking and faulty patterns and shift your perspectives for profound positive changes.

Energy Healing-Be Healthy

Energy Healing

As an intuitive healer with a gift for transmuting and moving energy, Ana provides something special.

It’s an extra boost during your sessions that speed along your transformation.



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"Ana is great! I suffer from chronic low-back pain, and although it isn't acute, it's something that constantly nags at me. Visits to chiropractors have proven futile, but that hasn't been the case with the physical therapy that I've received from Ana. Her extensive knowledge, professionalism, and ability to motivate me to actually DO the homework (i.e. exercises) have accomplished in a holistic fashion what has eluded me for years. On top of that, she's just an all-around awesome person. I highly recommend her for all your physical therapy needs!" ~ S.S., North Carolina


"Ana is AMAZING! I endure a rare condition - I am basically allergic to life, including myself. Literally. When I met Ana, she explained what she did, though I didn't really understand, the impact she would have until about the 5th session in... life can be hard with mast cell, she has helped me find LIFE BACK!!!!! In 3 years things have been, blur... I can't Thank Ana enough!~ S. M., North Carolina


I’m so grateful for your assistance in managing my life and making positive changes toward my goals. Ana has a talent for what she does and is always spot on with her insight and guidance. I would totally recommend these services to anyone seeking healing and moving toward success in their lives. Thank you!"~K.Y., New Mexico

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Visualize your ideal lifestyle, understand what motivates you, and develop attainable goals to work toward a happier, healthier you.

Learn how to create realistic goals powered by your intention. 

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