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Summer SOULstice

Retreat for Women



Unplug from the stress and distraction from your daily life.

*Attune to the manifesting power of the Summer Solstice*

lluminate your soul’s expression for your highest aspirations.

Experience this powerful solar portal and connect with your feminine driving force. With the sun at it’s highest and brightest point in the sky, this marks a time when we can better connect with our purpose and path. Also known as Midsummer, the energy of this time is recognized as one of the three “Spirit Nights” of the year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and access to deeper realms is possible. The light overshadows the dark and things that have been hidden from our consciousness may easily come to the surface.


On this magical weekend, we will create a sacred container for self-discovery, inner-healing and the ability to manifest abundance in all areas of life. Using the serenity and ancient energies of the Blue Ridge mountains, we come together with a shared intention to embrace the next chapter of our lives. Embody the collective power of Sacred Sisterhood while enjoying 63 acres of exquisite land in a secluded valleyin a secluded valley where the stunning Bend of Ivy Lodge is located near Marshall, NC.

Menu of Transformational Sessions


Friday Night:

Creating Ceremonial Sisterhood


Saturday Morning:

Dissolving Old Patterns


Saturday Afternoon:

Stepping into Your Power


Saturday Night:

Celebrating Soul Expression


Sunday Morning:

Embracing Abundance and Expansion


"It was such a beautiful place and being in nature is so healing.  Also being with other like-minded people in a safe environment was so helpful to me to experience  "letting go" of fear...I truly felt like a goddess!  All the experiences were very valuable.  You both did an outstanding job...thank you SO much!! I learned I am stronger than I realized and I am a good person. For me its being in a safe environment and "connecting" on a higher level."   - K.S

Hike in the warmth of the Sun and dance under the Moon and Stars.

*Attune to the mystical power of the Midsummer's Spirit Night *

Breathe deep and feel into in the healing energies of Nature.


Transformative Practices


Shamanic Journey

Gentle, Freeing Yoga

Liberating Breathwork

Deep Meditative Protocols

Group Discussion and Support

Oracle Card Readings

Sound Healing Immersion

Lakshmi Nature Mandala

Silent Forest Bathing

Mindful River Hike

Drumming and Rhythmic Movement

Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony


*Private time to enjoy the sanctuary of gardens, labyrinth, 

koi pond, scenic trails and natural meditation spaces.  

Embody the collective power of Sacred Sisterhood while enjoying 63 acres of exquisite land in a secluded valley in a secluded valley where the stunning Bend of Ivy Lodge is

located near Marshall, NC.

pretty view of the pond.png
meeting room.png

Yoga and meditation will take place in a charming renovated 1950 tobacco barn. This main hall looks out over the valley with a 22 foot high grand window.


A gazebo, swing, and rockery garden are the backdrop for spirited fire pit ceremonies.

A breathtaking view of the main lodge and dining hall with windows to take in the scenery.

"I found all of it valuable! The property being serene and peaceful; the organization of the event from the schedule to the individual exercises we did; and the very glorious! I learned that I already belong somewhere and don't have to force my way to being included in a group. I learned that this was always in me and it has been desiring to come out and guide me through life instead of the false people and other ideals of belonging and being whole I have been chasing or following for years. I learned to trust myself, believe in myself, not be ashamed of what I want and say and believe. I learned that I want to be clear-headed and not drink caffeine, alcohol, and not ingest foods that are not good for my soul and my chemistry and energy makeup. I learned that I can just BE. I learned that it is all mind-body-soul universe connection to make life what and how you want it to be. I learned I am in control of my own moods, emotions, feelings, reactions, beliefs, and power."   - S.G

Whet your appetite with delicious farm to fork meals

*Attune to the vibrational power of fresh food made with Love*

Heal through nourishment packed with the life force of Nature.

The in-house personal chef will nourish your body and soul with scrumptious meals using local ingredients to create unforgettable dining experiences. A feast for your senses and your appetite, enliven your taste buds with delicious seasonal produce using quality ingredients and creative presentation. Sharing clean, healthy food together will raise our collective vibration and enhance the flavor our weekend of experiential practices. Delight in quality snacks and artisan teas throughout the day as well.

unnamed (1).jpg

Burn away the limiting patterns that hold you back.

*Attune to the transformative power of the element of Fire*

Transmute your energy and leave with a fresh perspective.


Summer is the season of fire. At this time of year, the rotation of the earth around the sun results in longer daylight hours as the fiery sun plays a great role in our lives. The air is warmer, the light is longer and the activity of the people and plants reach their peak. In ancient times, the Summer Solstice was a spiritual festival celebrating the warmth and life-giving power of the sun. It is the optimum time to work diligently to fulfill our dharma and we will harness the energies of this time to anchor our internal work. 


Fire is the generator of energy in the body just as the sun is the generator of energy for the earth. It fosters intelligence, an ability to “cut through” the surface appearance of things, and the ability to transform and reach deeper understanding. Fire represents our passion, zeal, creativity and motivation and is our inner light as well as the living symbol of the Divine fire that burns in every soul. Visible fire is the material representation of invisible fire. We will use various fire rituals throughout weekend to anchor the courage, determination and potential that will arise from our deep internal practices.

Meet Your Guides for This Magical Weekend

unnamed (3).jpg

Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), and Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner (AWP).  She owns Harmony Yoga and enjoys educating and awakening people through therapeutic yoga classes, informative workshops, teacher trainings, energy healing and private counseling. As a shamanic practitioner, she has studied with the Michael Harner Foundation and with her beloved mentor Steve Nelson, a shaman, psychic trainer, astrologer, celebrationist and the last Cherokee medicine man officially recognized by the Eastern Tribe. Also a freelance writer, Lisa has written for The Charlotte Observer and was the editor of Natural Awakenings Magazine Charlotte for 12 years. She has written hundreds of articles on holistic health, environmental wellness, green living, human interest and spirituality.



unnamed (1).png

Ana Marinho

Ana Marinho opened her private practice, Be Healthy,LLC in 2015 and has served over 10 years as a licensed physical therapist, transformational coach and intuitive healer. Her unique approach of combining eastern and western modalities in a private, one-on-one setting has allowed her clients to sustain lasting change as she focuses on treating the whole body and not just the symptoms. Her profound interest in healing the whole-body led her to pursue certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner which made an excellent addition to her already innate ability to heal energetically. She is passionate about helping women love themselves and connect with their body and often uses her gift to feel and transmute energy combined with her physical therapy training to promote healing and overall well-being.




"Lisa epitomizes a true who accepts, enlightens and encourages. It is through her calm, unruffled presence that the true light of yoga shines." - D.R.

"Ana is an incredible intuitive healer. I didn't know what to expect, but Ana created a safe comfortable environment, not only to address my physical issues but the deeper causes of my sufferings. I walked away feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated. Ana knows her stuff"! - K.M.

Lisa so consciously sets up and conducts shamanic journeys that are truly out of this world! I have received some of the most profound insights, guidance, and healing from my  experiences with her. They have been an integral part of my spiritual journey." - J.E.

"Ana is a wonderful human being and gifted healer. She integrates her wealth of knowledge and experience as a physical therapist with the grounding energy of her work with alternative healing techniques. She has the skills to address any issue from many angles, with grace and good humor." - J.K.

"It gave me time and space to spend time on myself and sort some things out in my head. I loved spending the time with a group of such supportive women! I learned that I don't have to always have all the right answers and instead of always seeking, learning, reading, to maybe just listen and receive my information/answers."   - K.B

"Loved the retreat sharing a room was an instant way for connecting with a stranger. I loved the sessions, the schedule throughout the day. Great to be inside and out and away from the outside world so that the group stayed together throughout connecting. Eating meals together was also great.

I loved the food.

I learned that it is easy to get rid of stuff. I had no idea how much I was clinging to. I am stronger than I knew, I feel and it is ok to let go. I cried, I laughed, I slept, I experienced my ancestors and uncovered what I knew in my head but would not allow truly in my heart. It helped to be with like minded people to share opening."   - M..C.




Pricing after April 30th:

Shared Room: $549

Private Room: $649


Early Bird:

Shared Room: $499

Private Room: $599


* Price includes food (total of 4 meals), lodge and retreat activities. Friday night meal is offered for an extra $15.

* A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due on contract signing. This deposit holds your space for this exciting event.

Space is very limited, so sign up NOW before it is sold out!




June 19th: Friday

June 20th: Saturday

June 21st: Sunday 

The Summer SOULstice Retreat starts Friday at 5pm and ends Sunday at 1pm.

Know someone who would benefit?  Invite your friend!

Claim Your Power!!

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