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Reduce stress now and Be Healthy! Body, Mind and Soul

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Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. A small amount of stress can be helpful to complete all our tasks before the due date. However, stress can become a problem when we do not manage it well and/or we let it consume us to the point of breaking down. It

can get the best of us and block us from thinking clearly or worst case, we allow it to reach a point that it manifests in a form of sickness. Remember: what the mind thinks, the body follows.

Stopping ourselves from drowning in physical, mental and emotional exhaustion enables us to make better decisions. When we are calm, our body feels safe. When we are able to rebalance the self, the mind can function better and our body feels more grounded.

There are plenty of ways to reduce stress! We can start by learning how to control our emotions by simply picking up good habits to quickly calm our mind when feeling anxious. Try shifting the mindset from a stress response, to a relaxation response.

Also, it is best to give yourself that feeling of RESET and STARTING FRESH every now and then. Taking time to honor and acknowledge your feelings and pausing to listen to your soul and intuition. The more clear our energy is, the easier it is for us to take action and to feel what we really want.

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