Transform Fear into Love

A Virtual Workshop

Learn How to Conquer Your Fears and Anchor LOVE as Your NEW Energetic Blueprint

Do your Fears prevent you from moving forward?​

Is Fear affecting your health, relationship, family, job?​

Is Fear stopping you from healing? ​

Are you afraid that something bad or Fear the worst is going to happen?​

Would you like ACCOUNTABILITY AND SUPPORT to stop self-sabotaging your dreams?


If you said YES then you are ready to join this Online Workshop!


​Transform the imbalance in your physical body into well-being

​Transform fear of separation into connectedness

​Transform Catastrophobic feelings into trust & hope

​Transform the “fear of not being good enough” to self-esteem and confidence

Not sure if this is the right workshop for you? 

Email me and I will send you a recorded introduction so you can learn more.


Join Us for a single session or all four: 

  • Online group calls with OTHER people who are experiencing the same challenges

  • Weekly assignments to REINFORCE what you’re learning

  • Tools to transform fear into LOVE

We will create a sacred and safe community where you can express your true self without judgments while you learn how to control your fears. You will be challenged. You will be supported. You will experience a beautiful, nurturing environment where we will create a deep connection with each other while having fun, laughing, crying, meditating and growing.

​When: July 10th – August 7th

Weekly Call: Tuesdays, 11:00 AM EDT/ 4:00 PM GMT (about 90 minutes)

For a detailed introduction to "Transform Fear into Love" please email me and I will send a recorded overview.

July 17th - Transform the imbalance in your physical body (pain, inflammation, diseases,..) into well-being

July 24th - Transform fear of separation (abandonment, rejection, loneliness,..) into connectedness

July 31st - Transform Catastrophobic feelings into trust/ hope


August 7th - Transform the “fear of not being good enough” to self-esteem and confidence


Ana Marinho, Be Healthy,LLC


Ana Marinho opened her private practice, Be Healthy,LLC in 2015 and has served over 10 years as a

licensed physical therapist, transformational coach and intuitive healer. Her unique approach of combining

eastern and western modalities in a private, one-on-one setting has allowed her clients to sustain lasting change

as she focuses on treating the whole body and not just the symptoms. Her profound interest in healing the

whole-body led her to pursue certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master

Practitioner which made an excellent addition to her already innate ability to heal energetically. She is passionate

about helping women love themselves and connect with their body and often uses her gift to feel and transmute

energy combined with her physical therapy training to promote healing and overall well-being.


"Ana is an incredible intuitive healer. I didn't know what to expect, but Ana created a safe comfortable environment, not only to address my physical issues but the deeper causes of my sufferings. I walked away feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated. Ana knows her stuff"! - K.M.

Denise Chadwick, Crystal-Light Healing |

Denise is a Key Holder, Way Shower, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher in many reiki frequencies, now

channeling her own unique frequency of Crystal-Light reiki. She specializes in energy healing with crystals,

sound and light language and uses light language for healing, transforming specific issues and for upgrading

the energy of the earth and its beings. Her mission is in assisting the earth and its inhabitants in their ascension.


"I've known Denise for some time now, and have experienced many of her light language

activations/codes. They've been utterly transformational for me - always deepening me into love and

multidimensional living... She's an AMAZING healer. D.S

Individual Sessions- $60 USD


Save money and enroll in all 4 for only $222 USD!

Pay upfront OR click here to make two installments of $122.00 USD using PAYPAL 

Registration is required as space is limited.

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