Hiring Ana as my health coach is one of the best things I have ever done. I’ve been struggled with weight and fitness since I had kids over 7 years ago and it is finally time to make some changes.  I couldn’t have picked a better person to help guide me. It’s not just about eating well and exercising because I “know” what I should do. Ana is helping me understand the deeper issues that are holding me back. She is guiding me thought the real work of making more time and space for myself and bringing more joy back into my life. I hired her to help me with my fitness goals, but she is helping me with so much more than that and I am eternally grateful for her.  Liza L. , Dallas, TX


I've enjoyed my experiences with Coach Ana and her holistic approach to diet and exercise! Ana isn't only focused on the number on the scale; she's also focused on how behaviors and thoughts influence diet and health. She teaches clients how to improve their confidence and boost positive thoughts, which translates into making wise eating choices and long-lasting results. There is no quick fix with Ana, rather, it's a lifestyle change! Additionally, she's committed to educating clients about eating whole foods and the nutritional benefits to eating fruits and vegetables. And to top it all off, Ana is fun! Her positive energy and passion for health is contagious! Amanda K, Los Angeles, CA



Ana believes in YOU. She believes that with the right nutrition, exercise, accountability and encouragement, you can achieve your goals. And she's right. Mary B, West Virginia


I was so impressed and inspired by Ana throughout. Throughout our coaching session, Ana clearly displayed her commitment to her client, taking the time to fully listen, assess and understand my problems and challenges, and my goals and intentions. She was most supportive, non-judgmental, very insightful and full of knowledge. By patiently and wisely asking the insightful questions at the most opportune time, Ana was able to help me to discover for myself what have been holding back from my goals and crystallize my 100% commitment to achieve my new goals. In fact Ana guided me to see in my mind so clearly the pictures of me achieving all my goals, that I got so excited, happy and teary living my goals by the end of the session! Thank you Ana!! You clearly show you Walk your Talk, a Go Getter and a Life Changer!!! Jean T., Union City, CA


My coaching session with Ana was a positive and motivating experience. She is calm, accepting, and caring. In no time I felt that she was there for me and I could open up easily about my issues with eating. Ana asks insightful questions and fully listens to my issues and answers, gently guiding me to find tools and tricks to help me overcome my stress eating habits. Ana really helped me and made me feel a lot better about my journey.  Jane P., Los Angeles, CA


I like that you push people to bring the positive side into their lives...resulting in greater changes. Leslie M., Ontario


Ana, Over the past 60 days, you have helped me in so many ways by inspiring and motivating me when I didn't think I could keep going! You are a constant source of spiritual and physical motivation that keeps our group moving towards a goal. Your daily reminders to us that we need to keep our eyes focused on success and not on distractions. Your kind and caring ways and friendship thought out a very hard time for me medically, has kept me on several occasions to reevaluate my methods to ensure I was staying on track with my goals and keeping my health in mind! Thank you so much.     Michael R., San Diego, CA



Ana Marinho is one of the most incredible ladies I've ever met. She has a heart of gold and her mindset is very sharp. She has truly helped me to understand who "I am" as a person and why it's important to take care of my health. She's always there to answer questions when I have them. I would highly recommend Ana to any of my friends. Janet P., Los Angeles, CA


I do love fitness and health. The support group is helping me think about my nutrition each day and it helps me make better choices about what I eat. Your articles help a lot too. Janey J., Los Angeles, CA


I had the opportunity to work with Ana as my coach during a transition period in my career. Her intuitive listening skills, her sharp mind, her great feeling for when to challenge and when to encourage helped me to gain clarity and to take a major step forward in reaching my goal. Ana is the partner you wish for in a coach: professional, focused, intuitive, creative and compassionate. I can recommend Ana to everyone who wants to work on reaching their personal goals. Kerstin W., Los Angeles, CA/ Germany


Ana created a space to look at what was holding me back from better health.  She helped me to explore the possibilities of what ideal health means me and how to achieve that vision.  Her authenticity and generosity of spirit shines through in her coaching work.  I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to create optimal health and well-being in their life! Kerri M., Los Angeles, CA


Ana has been an inspiration in my life. She is able to tap into the root of what is causing setbacks and re-frame how your mind looks at things very proficiently. As a coach, she has been motivational and encouraging. Originally I had brought Ana into my life as a fitness coach. Little did I know she would become so much more along my path of overall physical and mental wellness. I am very grateful for the time Ana has gifted to me and the encouragement to push forward when times get challenging.  Kym J., Salt Lake City, Utah


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Thanks. Your Success make me Soooo Happy. Ana Marinho



Fiz minha primeira sessão de coach nao tinha idéia de como seria, estava curiosa e ansiosa. Enquanto o tempo foi passando fui entrando em uma paz maravilhosa. A experiência foi fantástica, sabia q tinha as respostas meus problemas, mais não sabia onde encontra-las. O coach faz isso de uma forma tranquila e vamos avançando e crescendo. Espero as próximas sessões p me conhecer cada vez mais.   Lucia S., Brasil