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What is a Physical Therapist (PT)?


Physical therapists are highly educated, licensed health care professionals who help patients improve or restore mobility. Also, Physical Therapists can help patients reduce pain, avoid surgery, and eliminate the long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects.

Physical therapists examine, evaluate, and treat patients whose conditions limit their ability to move and function in daily life. Your physical therapist's overall goal is to maintain, restore, or improve your mobility and help reduce your pain.


What should I expect during my first visit?


Your 60-minute session will be held in a private and relaxed setting with a licensed physical therapist.  Your physical therapist will begin by asking you lots of questions about your health and about the specific condition for which you are seeing the physical therapist. Detailed information about you and your condition will help the physical therapist determine whether you are likely to benefit from physical therapy and which treatments are most likely to help you.


Your physical therapist will perform a detailed examination. Depending on your symptoms and condition, the physical therapist might evaluate your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, blood pressure, and heart and respiration rates. Your physical therapist might use his or her hands to examine or palpate the affected area or to perform a detailed examination of the mobility of your joints, muscles, and other tissues.


What type of treatment will I receive?


Treatment is based on the initial evaluation findings along with ongoing reassessment and evaluation. Treatment may consist of a variety of hands-on joint and soft tissue treatment techniques, exercise techniques, pilates, cupping massage, and pain-reducing modalities. Treatments are designed to increase motion and strength, reduce pain, and most importantly, restore function and prevent re-injury. Patients are typically involved in an active exercise program at home and are educated in ways to speed recovery and prevent recurrence of the problem.


What should I wear?


It is best to wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for exercise. The clothing should either expose the area (i.e. wear shorts if you are being seen for a knee problem) or be loose fitting to easily expose the area that is being treated. You may be asked to put on a gown depending on where your pain or problem is located.


How many treatments will I need?


This can vary depending on the extent and type of injury that is being treated.


Is Physical Therapy similar to Massage Therapy or Chiropractic Care?


In reference to massage therapy, a PT can and will often administer massage-like techniques called soft tissue mobilization, but massage therapists cannot administer PT. Therefore, the treatment you receive may include soft tissue mobilization but will include much more education, exercise, and the use of many other modalities.


Chiropractic care differs quite a bit in the sense that a Chiropractor relies heavily on performing joint manipulations, whereas a physical therapist will rehab the injury or painful area, focusing on your goals and helping to prevent future injuries with a Neuromuscular re-education program. A physical therapist can effectively perform many of the same physical adjustments that a Chiropractor utilizes.


I just had orthopedic surgery; will physical therapy help me heal faster?


For sure! Physical Therapy can help reduce swelling, increase the active and passive range of motion, and increase strength and endurance after orthopedic surgery. Most importantly, attending physical therapy increases the functioning of the involved muscles, bones, and other soft tissues much more quickly and effectively than just "staying at home" after surgery.


Do I need a referral to come to physical therapy?


In the state of California and North Carolina, a referral from a physician is not required to receive a physical therapy evaluation or treatment, but it always recommended. This referral may come from a physician, a physician assistant, or a podiatrist.


Some exceptions do exist. In addition, most insurance companies require a referral to provide insurance coverage.

Will my insurance cover physical therapy?


Most insurance companies do cover physical therapy services. The amount and type of coverage vary. Be Healthy, LLC guarantees that our time is spent with you and not with the insurance companies. If your insurance plan has out-of-network (OON) coverage, you may be able to receive some reimbursement. Trust us – it’s super easy! And we will gladly assist you in acquiring the proper paperwork necessary for you to file your claim. If your policy requires a prescription or referral from your PCP you must obtain one to send in with the claim.


Click here to learn more about how to determine your insurance benefits. This guide was created to assist you in obtaining reimbursement for out-of-network Physical Therapy services and is not a guarantee of reimbursement to you.

As a patient, what can I do to assure the best possible outcome?


First, recognize that you play the most important role in your own recovery. We encourage patients to act as full partners with their therapists in the treatment process.


Comply with your in-clinic therapy schedule; follow through on your home exercise programs; and communicate often and completely with your therapist regarding any problems or concerns you may experience.


Physical therapy is an active process that requires your full commitment and interaction with your therapist. Ask questions and be receptive to suggestions regarding exercise, lifestyle changes, and adjustments or modifications of your daily activities.



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NOTICE: Please kindly provide at least 48-hour notice if you need to reschedule/cancel your appointment.

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