How can we avoid Spiritual bypassing?

Updated: Jan 15

Do you know when you are having that kind of day/week/year that feels like nothing goes right, one problem after the other?

Should we constantly remain positive?

How can we be positive with all that is happening around right now?

Or is that a Spiritual bypassing*?

How can we honor our feelings AND Bring positivity without feeling guilty?

*"Spiritual bypass is defined as a defensive psychological posture cultivated by a tendency to privilege spiritual beliefs or experiences over and against psychological needs creating a means of avoiding or bypassing difficult emotions or experiences."

Join me as we discuss the "need to constantly being positive" and how that can create problems.

This is another episode of "Dose of Wisdom and Healing".


*Picciotto, Gabriela, et al. “A Phenomenology of Spiritual Bypass: Causes, Consequences, and Implications.” Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, vol. 20, no. 4, 28 Dec. 2017, pp. 333–354, 10.1080/19349637.2017.1417756. Accessed 14 Jan. 2020.

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