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Learn how to embrace your gifts!

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What am I here to do? What are my gifts? Do I have special talents?

Of course, we all do. The beautiful part of human life is that we are all born with a special gift. We all know that no two people are alike. Because of this, we are all individually created and given certain gifts to serve our soul's purpose.

When we detach from our ego and listen to the callings from our higher self, we can evolve into powerful beings that can touch lives and change the world.

Here are five ways you can embrace your talents and gifts:

1- Be Yourself Some of us have gifts, talents, and interests that are not accepted. Luckily, times have changed and we can pursue our talents much easier than even a decade ago. Be yourself, you don't need to hide anymore.

2- Do The Work & Stop Procrastinating Everyone has 24 hours a day. Are you using your time optimally?

3- Detach from the Ego The online world can be quite disgusting sometimes. You need to develop a sound mind and detach from your ego in order to know that you can’t please everyone. Bad comments or reviews and thumbs down do not discredit your work, gifts, and talents. We can’t please everyone. Know internally that your gifts and soul’s purpose is on the right path. Stay true to YOU and your inner world.

4- Live from the Heart A lot of people live from their head and not necessarily their heart. When sharing your gifts, be true to you and your heart. Remember no other person has your same life path. Stay in check with your heart to let it guide your talents.

5- Embrace the Emotions Process your emotions as you go through your journey, but remember many things in life are a test. Keep persevering and do not give up even when you are at a low point. Sometimes we need to experience things to develop and strengthen our chakras. Embrace all the feelings, the positive and the negative.

How do you embrace your talents and special gifts? I'd love to hear it!

Do you need help embracing your gifts? Schedule a Discovery Session today to learn how Ana can help you.

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