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Who May Benefit From Quanta Therapies?

Highly touted by Olympic athletes, Quanta Therapies is an extraordinary way to reduce inflammation in your body and eliminate pain. No needles. No hard massage. No anti-inflammatory drugs. Specially designed discs, each of which carries its own unique frequency, are placed on your body in particular combinations to address your specific area of inflammation. Most people feel a difference within 20 minutes, and Ana can help design a protocol for you to get rid of inflammation once and for all.


Quanta Therapies may help people with:


  • Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain

  • Chronic Pain

  • Back Pain / Sciatica

  • Stomach / Intestinal Problems

  • Inflammatory disorders

  • Migraines / Headaches

  • Muscle & Joint Problems

Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy

What is Quanta Therapies?

Quanta Therapies is a multidisciplinary biohacking company. They created bioenergetic wearable technology using technology, science, and energy. They partner with international biotech, medical device, supplement, and life science companies to integrate new, non-invasive methods into existing medical and wellness models.

Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy

On the photo, I used an Infra-red camera. The whiter areas indicate higher temperature. The higher the temperature, the more inflammation there is.


The "before" picture shows a large white area on the person's back indicating high temperature. After doing Quanta therapy and physical therapy, the patient reported that the pain was 90% better. She also improved neck and shoulder range of motion, decreased tingling/numbness on arm and improved posture (shoulders are more level even in the picture).

What Does Quanta Therapies Do?


Quanta is one of those treatments that seem a bit too good to be true. If you don’t understand how the body works, it would be very easy to dismiss it as “placebo”. But – tell that to the people with major neuropathic pain, and ask them what medication they’re on (and what it does to them), and THEN ask them what happened after they tried Quanta.


Quanta’s core idea revolves around helping the body decrease inflammation. Only you’re not taking any anti-inflammatories.


In order to do this, Quanta Therapies looks at all the ways that the body can create inflammation, and offers a way to DECREASE inflammation (and therefore pain). Most inflammation is hidden. It’s silent. It’s sitting in the background and can be burning away “under the radar” for years.


Of course, some inflammation is acute – like what you experience with a sprained ankle. Typically, you think you’d decrease inflammation by taking something like a medication.


This can mask the inflammation signs, but can’t do what I’ve seen Quanta do (when applied correctly). You would be taking a LOT of medication to get the same effect.

On the photo, I used an Infra-red camera. The whiter areas indicate higher temperature. The higher the temperature, the more inflammation there is.

The "before" picture shows a large white area on the person's stomach indicating high temperature. After doing Quanta therapy, the inflammation and the pain have been reduced to lesser to none.

Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy

How Does Quanta Work?


Quanta works by using specifically designed discs that carry a unique “frequency”. All body tissues, organs, viruses, bacteria have a specific frequency for optimal performance. These frequencies have been known for over 100 years. Quanta practitioners are trained to identify the tissues or potential reasons for your inflammation and apply an appropriate combination of Quanta “Discs” each with their own specific frequencies. These discs have different functions and are not a “one disc fix all” solution by any means. Depending on what you have, you might require many discs to help diminish your symptoms – especially if you have a systemic, or chronic inflammation.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?


If you are receptive to the therapy (about 95% are), then you’ll notice effects within 2-20 mins. Certainly pain reduction.

Depending on what you have, you might feel a bit nauseous, or even get a bit of a “cold” over a few days – as a form of detox is occurring. Other symptoms may include:


  • Headache

  • Dry Mouth

  • Dizziness/Light headed

  • Fatigue

  • Runny nose

  • Skin problems


It’s hard to describe, but this is common amongst people that are undergoing what’s called a “lymphatic” protocol. The greater the need for a detoxification, the longer and stronger the symptoms may be. For more sudden or acute injuries you should notice a remarkable reduction in pain and tenderness very quickly. No needles, no hard massage, no chemicals. Much easier!! Depending on the complexity of your problem, you’ll be required to re-apply discs by either the practitioner at regular intervals, or given a protocol to follow by the practitioner where you can apply them yourself.

More blood flow, less inflamation, less

How To Get The Most Out Of The Treatment


  • Limit physical activity/training during phase 1 and let the body rest, whenever you can.

  • Limit alcohol intake as this may reduce the disc effectiveness

  • Eat healthy and have a varied, nourishing diet

  • Get a good nights sleep, to help recovery

  • Avoid sugar (including fruit sugar) as sugar is inflammatory

  • Resume intense training after the Regeneration Phase

How Long Should I Be Treated?


  • The duration of treatment is individual. It can take between 1 & 4 months, depending on the complexity of the problem.


  • If there is a lot to be addressed/ normalized – it can take 6 months for the body to normalize. Initially, you’d be required for weekly consultations, extending to bi-weekly and monthly

General Information About The Discs


  • There are 65 different types of disc, each with a specific frequency and function. By combining discs in certain ways we may be able to help your body repair itself, faster.

  • The discs only amplify the body’s own natural frequencies. They do not contain any substance.

  • This kind of technology is used by elite athletes, and world champion sports teams worldwide.

  • The discs are best applied to clean, dry skin (avoid applying body cream).

  • They’re made of a special, patented carbonized metal, backed by 3M antibacterial tape, and are activated by your body heat.

  • When removing discs – please take care as it may cause skin irritation.

  • The discs release a frequency for approximately 2-7 days.

  • If you have discs with you to take home, they must be stored/kept in anti-static bags.

  • Bring empty/used anti-static bags to your consultations, so to recycle to bags.

  • Do not stop taking medications prescribed to you.

Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy
Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy
Quanta Therapies - Be Healthy
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