Body Tree Technique

2015-02-15 14.01.10         Have you heard that your body talks?

         Yes, it really does. But, have you been listening to it?

          A long time ago, people were more connected to their bodies and with nature.

         We, as a society, learned to disconnect from our bodies.

         And we also learned to expect that solutions will come from the outside without having to put forth any effort.

                   fix me

              “Someone FIX me, please!”


However, the key to having a healthy body, mind and soul is:  reconnecting with your body.


  • Would you like to learn how to reconnect with your body again?

  • Are you tired of searching for answers outside of yourself with little or no success?

  • Are you frustrated because nothing has worked so far, and you are losing hope?

  • Would you like to be able to listen to your body again?

  • Would you like to be able to hear what is the specific message that your body is trying to give you?

  • Would you like to know why your body/mind is creating physical/emotional problems?

  • Are you ready to let it go and live a fulfilled and happy life?



If you are ready to connect with your body and find the answers and healing within, schedule a FREE Jump Start Session to learn more about the Body Tree Technique.


I've had chronic foot pain for 20 years. I thought this was something I was going to live with my whole. Thanks to Ana and the Body Tree my issue has been resolved. It turns out this pain was an emotional issue. I learned with Ana how to listen to my body. Together we used the Body Tree and the pain went away! When we started I was skeptical but now I am a total believer. If you have physical pain you have to try it!          Evan. R., Los Angeles- CA



What is the “Body Tree Technique”?


Emotions and thoughts can support or destroy the body.

I see this as a reality every day as a Physical Therapist.
The patients that have fewer emotions attached to their symptoms, recover much faster.  Furthermore, patients who are emotionally attached to their symptoms can take a loooong time to recover, and often return with new symptoms.

I finally found a way to discover what emotions, limiting beliefs, inner critic, etc.are causing the symptoms.


During the session, we will create a safe and sacred space where YOU can be yourself and deeply connect with YOUR body and YOUR answers guided by mind map, visualization, empowering questions and much more.

I don't have the answers, YOU DO. This technique will invite you to discover them.


- The leaves represent the symptoms, like pain, stress, insomnia, food cravings, health problems, etc.

- The roots represent what is really causing the symptoms.

Working only on the leaves can be a frustrating and painful journey. Often times, it is an endless cycle.

In order to break this cycle, we have to find the roots. They are not easy to find because they are covered by stories, limiting beliefs, fears, blockages, inner critic, etc. Until you take the "soil" away and uncover the roots (the subconscious part), you don't know what is the “root” cause of the problem.


This Technique is for you if you have been pondering something like:

  • I feel like my body is weak and fragile, like a porcelain doll, and I easily hurt myself

  • I feel like I am broken, and my body needs to be fixed

  • I struggle to maintain an exercise routine and/or a clean diet

  • I am struggling with one (or more) health problem(s) and/or physical pain

  • I feel disconnected from myself

  • I am unhappy with myself and my body

  • I feel depressed and frustrated and feel like nobody understands me

  • I want to understand why I do what I do even though I know it doesn't align with what I want

  • I know that my body problems are the result of my behavior and/or thoughts,  but I do not know how to change them



This technique is NOT for you if you believe:

  • I don't want to improve my health from the inside out, and just want a quick fix
  • I don't care about prevention. Medication and surgeries work just fine for me
  • I believe that there is nothing I can do to improve my health
  • I don't want to do any extra work; I want someone to "fix" me


With this technique, we can access your subconscious mind and discover the reasons why your problems do not disappear. You will see the answers unfold right in front of your eyes.

How cool is that?

It is so empowering when you know how to be in control of your own body.


Are you ready to discover the roots of your problems?

Schedule a FREE Jump Start Session and discover if this magical technique is for you.



2015-02-15 14.00.34Physical Pain:

Pain will generate emotional problems and emotional problems will create pain. It is a cycle.

The truth is "pain" is a red flag from your body that something is wrong. And we all know that stress and negative emotions will create and/or increase the level of pain we feel, right?

Negative emotions, feelings, limiting beliefs, blocks, inner critic, etc. slowly cause damage to our physical body. It is like they are eating your cells one by one, and one day your body can't take it anymore and


boom 1


Would you like to discover what your body is trying to show you?

Would you like to understand why your body is creating the pain?

Would you like to release the emotions that are making you sick?


When we understand that pain is there to give you a sign, then you understand that just masking the pain with medication will only help you in the short run.

Then, you can stop looking for the quick fix and start to:

- look what is underneath,

- look for what is really causing the pain

- what are the roots of the problem


When you discover what the real problem is and what you can do to help your body to heal, then your body will take care of the rest.

The body has an incredible power to heal itself. You can choose to support it or not. Be kind with yourself.  Be kind with your body. And your body will support you while you reach all your dreams.

How can you “fix” something if you don’t know what is creating the “red flag” to begin with, right?



The Body Tree process helped to quiet my mind and to focus on what was really going on in my body.  The process allowed me to get to the deeper cause of how my body was feeling and how I can address these issues moving forward.  It was a very powerful and insightful experience.  Thank you, Ana! I loved this process.               Kerri. M., Los Angeles- CA



# Food craving, lack of energy, insomnia, stress,... 

A lot of time we even know what to do, but we still don’t do it.2015-02-15 14.01.51

The truth is when that happens, we have blocks underneath. These blocks are unique for each person. They can be very deep or very superficial. They can be gigantic or tiny. No matter what the blocks are or how big they are, they are preventing you from feeling better.

Then, if you are feeling stuck, you don't know how to move forward, or you feel like it is impossible to do what you committed to, you may ask your heart if you are ready to uncover those roots and feel wonderful again.


Are you ready to let it go?

If you are ready to figure out the root cause of your problems, schedule a FREE Jump Start Session and discover if this magical technique is for you.



Using her amazing coaching skills and Body Tree technique,  Coach Ana took me to the root of what it is blocking my greater understanding and relationship with food.  I now know why I want to eat late at night and it is not food that is going to feed that hunger any more! Thanks, Ana, for helping me to trim it down to the roots that are no longer supporting my growth.    Erany. F., Los Angeles- CA