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  • What are  Chakras?

      There are 7 chakras in the human body, each vibrating at a different frequency. Energy flows through the chakras from one part of the body to another. If your chakras are blocked, your energy can become stuck. Each chakra corresponds to a color and internal organ or body part. First Chakra – base, root […]

  • What if…

    im-possibleHow many times in our life we just don't do things because we are afraid of the worst-case scenario?

    What would you like to create in the new year?

    What could you do differently to move towards your wildest dreams?

    What if you could release your fear of "I can't"?

    One little change can make a big difference. 


  • Are you obsessed with your body image?

    body imageAt a glance, it looks like our society is moving in the right direction with celebrating women’s bodies, standing up against objectification and unrealistic standards, and choosing health over extremes.

    Except what isn’t being addressed is how most of these “choices” and “celebrations” are still focusing only on the image, and positioning each woman’s relationship with her outward appearance as the thing that will give her what she wants in life.

    The majority of support in mainstream media around women’s bodies is still completely based in choosing how you feel about how you look, and creating an identity for yourself that stems from outward projections and ideals.

    The question is WHY so many women out there look amazing, but they still can’t look themselves on the mirror and appreciate what they see?

    Or they feel like they would finally be happy when they lose those last few pounds.

  • Protein Shake X Meal replacement XShakeology

    Or, “How Do I Really Know If This is Worth the Money When Everything Else Costs Less?” There are many “protein shakes” and meal replacements that are less expensive than Shakeology. But  comparisons – based on the simple “protein shake” or even “health shake” are usually off the mark because of intangibles like quality of […]

  • Do you want to Sleep better and wake up rested?

    Good night and sleep well

    As many as 50% of adults report difficulty in falling and/or remaining asleep. Restlessness may last for a night or two or can go on for years if not dealt with. It may be caused by a host of different reasons, but the most common reason I see among my clients is due to stress (mental, emotional, situational, etc). Out of the all the other secondary medical and psychological causes of restlessness, anxiety and depression are the most common. This explains why you will see a lot of cross-over with oils that also aid anxiety, moodiness and stress.

    The essential oils best known for helping you sleep include:


  • What is the best Essential Oil for pain relieve?

    painChronic pain consumes approximately $86 billion per year and affects over 80 million Americans. (2008, WebMD) Many of these either do not work or are potentially toxic to our liver and have other side effects. Neck and back pain are very common as are migraines, headache, arthritis and muscle pains.

    Anti-inflammatory drugs are among the most common pain relief medicines in the world. However, there are many natural anti-inflammatory agents (without side effects) found to be highly effective in relieving pain. Many of these are essential oils.

    Evidence from clinical trials suggests that aromatherapy might be used as a complementary therapy for managing chronic pain. Essential oils have pharmacologically active ingredients and aromatherapy might possibly also play a role in the management of chronic pain through relaxation. (Buckle)

    What essential oils can do for you?

  • Benefits of Peace and Calming Essential Oil

    Peace & Calming Essential OilPeace and Calming Essential Oil Blend™

    Peace and Calming Essential Oil is a very soothing blend and smells absolutely yummy!

    It is one of my top ten best oils, and it is a must have for me. You will find that children are also very drawn to this oil, especially calming and comforting to young children after an overactive and stressful day.

    What is Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend?

  • Why the Difference Between Tendinitis and Tendinosis Matters

    Tendinitis and TendinosisIt is important to distinguish between these disorders in order to apply the most appropriate treatment. But what is the difference?

    Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon and results from micro-tears that happen when the musculotendinous unit is acutely overloaded with a tensile force that is too heavy and/or too sudden. Tendinitis is still a very common diagnosis, though research increasingly documents that what is thought to be tendinitis is usually tendinosis(1,2,3,4,5).

    Tendinosis is a degeneration of the tendon’s collagen in response to chronic overuse; when overuse is continued without giving the tendon time to heal and rest, such as with repetitive strain injury, tendinosis results. Even tiny movements, such as clicking a mouse, can cause tendinosis, when done repeatedly.

  • Vanilla shakeology – why it took so long?

    protein shakeWell, they have worked a LONG time to get it and it is finally here…. VANILLA Shakeology.

    People have been asking for Vanilla Shakeology for years!

    I would always get asked why Beachbody hadn’t come out with Vanilla Shakeology yet, when there were so many other companies producing vanilla shakes. Well, unlike other companies, Beachbody absolutely refuses to compromise on quality so it took almost 2 years of searching and testing to hunt down a pure, flavorful, and ethically sourced vanilla bean that would meet Shakeology’s standards.