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Be the master of YOUR body and mind
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Become your own HEALER!

Our Academy is a one-of-a-kind membership program that reveals exactly what you can do to Holistically Take Control of Your Health.

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Rewire your BRAIN and reconnect with your BODY

The body is designed to work properly and to self-heal.

Health & Happiness is our natural state; not something elusive you must chase. 

The idea that we can Heal ourselves is ancient and somehow forgotten. Ana has already helped thousands of clients feel better in the last 12 years.


Only in the last few years has the media started to show that it is actually possible. After the documentary Heal was popularized, Ana was featured on NBC (click here to watch the full interview).  She has also written a book on this topic (Ignite Your Inner Healer) and will teach you how YOU can ignite your inner HEALER too.

Would you like to learn how to help

your body HEAL naturally?

Quit scouring the internet or relying on friends or social media influencers for health advice. This holistic self-guided program will blend ancient (mindfulness and self-healing techniques) with modern (neuroscience) medicine in a unique, fun way. 

Imagine a life where you:

  • Create a level of calmness and resilience so that you can handle the problems that life throws at you.

  • Accept your body to create inner peace and confidence and to achieve more in your life.

  • Awaken your body awareness to allow you to ignite your self-healing abilities

  • Reach your goals to experience fulfillment in your health, relationships, career, etc.

  • Cultivate self-discovery to connect with your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Shift your thinking from problem-focused to solution-focused to make decisions that are best for YOU.

  • Turn fear into strength to move forward.

  • Learn how to listen to your body and practice Intuitive Eating to stop chasing the next trendy diet.


It doesn't have to be hard.

When you have a step-by-step plan and accountability, it is simple and doable.


"My anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80%"


My results are so wonderful that I can't help sharing. I arrived with depression, anxiety, overweight, alcoholism, and acute fibromyalgia. I could barely walk because I was in pain 24 hours.


Today, I no longer have depression and my anxiety decreased by 90%, my body aches have improved by 80% and I already do things I never thought I would do again. I don't drink anymore and I don't feel the need. I lost 12 pounds without even dieting. I feel like I'm living like a normal person for the first time in my life, waking up excited and determined every day.


Today, I believe in myself and I just have to thank you for giving me back my life!!! Eternal gratitude!!!!"

~ Dani Deus (Theta healer)


Let's create the healthiest version of YOU.

There is too much information out there about health.

How do you know what advice to follow?


YOU know it. Your intuition and your body know it.


Let me teach you how to use your body to learn about your specific needs.


While you discover your own answers, I will provide:

  • Reliable and curated solutions based on over 12 years of research and clinical practice delivered by a healthcare professional.

  • Natural solutions that can help you live a holistic life and prevent pain and the need for expensive medication and surgeries.

  • Transformational topics that you didn't learn growing up. I will transform them from boring and complicated into something that is fun and easy to understand.

  • A simple step-by-step guide to reach your goals and master of your body and mind.

Natural health solutions that you have been looking for!

This program is a vital resource if you’re suffering from pain, chronic diseases, or problems for which doctors cannot find an answer.

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What will you receive:


From Powerless

to Self-Mastery

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A simple step-by-step to take control of your health

  • Virtual Be Healthy Academy (Value: $3,000)

    Instant access to over 30 modules (and growing). Enjoy this exclusive content created to answer Ana's private clients' most common questions. You can enjoy this self-paced program in the comfort of your home (and on your schedule). You can access our membership portal, from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Monthly Group Coaching and Mastermind (Value: $197)

    Twice a month, receive coaching directly from Ana. Ask questions and hear from others that have similar experiences. The recordings are uploaded to the membership platform (so you don’t miss anything!). 

  • Monthly Wellness Topic and Weekly Assignment (Value: $70)

    New content added monthly so you can continue to grow and learn about yourself. Because we can always go to the next level, right?

  • ​Q&A With a Real Healthcare Professional (Value: $525)

    Don't get your answers from the internet. Find answers for your health questions between live sessions using our private group. I have spent over 12 years researching and studying holistic health; so, you don't need to get your answers from the internet. Let me share the BEST RESOURCES with you.

Reliable and Practical Tools for the Body and Mind

  • Holistic ways to decrease/eliminate pain and inflammation

  • Powerful methods to ignite your self healing abilities

  • Ways to improve your sleep

  • Simple techniques to boost your brain

  • Learn the connection between your organs and your emotions

  • Library of meditations, relaxation and mindset tools

  • Ways to track your health progress

  • Quick stretches that can improve your health

  • Ways to clear your energy and raise your vibration

  • 33 self-care practices for the mind, body & soul

  • A 7-day guided meditation jump start

  • Health recipes

  • And much more...


... All of this and much more ONLY inside the Academy

Additional Bonuses


Be Healthy Tribe - Our Community


An on-going private group (similar app to Facebook) to meet other like-minded individuals. A bonus support system to keep yourself accountable to reach your goals. You are not alone anymore 😊

Special Discounts

  • 10% discount on private sessions

  • $50 Gift Card to buy superfood supplements (conditions apply)

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Choose your plan


These affordable prices translate into an investment of less than $2 a day

—probably less than you pay for a cup of coffee!

1 Month Plan

$59 per month

3-Month Plan

$147 per quarter

Most Popular

12-Month Plan

$567 per year

(20% OFF)

What will you receive:

- Virtual Be Healthy Academy and Wellness Path Course (Value: $3,000)

- Monthly Group Coaching and Mastermind (Value: $197 per month)

- Monthly wellness topic and weekly assignment (Value: $70 per month)

​- Q&A with a real healthcare professional (Value: $525 per month)

- Be Healthy Tribe - online community (Value: $97 per month)

- Learn How to Take Control of Your Health and Wellness: PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: +3,889   -> You pay only less than $2 a day


"I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years!"


I have been a long winding path of Chronic illness for 15+ years. I am a person who has “tried everything” but the last several years I gave up on trying new because it was expensive and I was afraid of getting let down.

The leap of faith I took in Ana has not disappointed! 

I have lived more in the last three months than I have in the last 3 years! I have eliminated 95% of my pain! I have reduced fatigue by 100%!

Your time to healing depends on your commitment and with Be Healthy Academy you can learn so much in such a short time! I went all in and I’m so glad I did! Ana is a gifted, unique, warm-hearted healer that I am so happy to come into contact with. Thank you Ana! Thank you! I can not recommend her enough!

~ Jennifer Garcia, M.A. Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Who is good fit for the Academy?

This program is designed to put you in the driver's seat - for you to be the master of your destiny. My goal is to give the power back to you, so that you can be empowered to heal yourself and have a great life that you love and enjoy.


I believe that you already possess those "superpowers". I'd like to help you understand and hone those gifts.

Working with me may be right for you if:

  • You are willing to take personal responsibility for your health and your life

  • You want to be empowered to heal yourself.

  • You are committed to personal growth and evolution

  • You want to express your true Soul's Mission in this lifetime

  • You are open to miracles


Meet Your Facilitator

Ana Marinho


Intuitive Healer, Mind-Body Coach, Physical Therapist,

Writer, Public Speaker, and Founder of Be Healthy, LLC.



Ana's passion and curiosity for science started when she was a child. It grew when her mom found out that her adopted little brother has Cerebral Palsy.

Ana loves to teach and she has a gift to make boring and complicated topics fun and easy to understand. Ana has learned that western medicine is amazing for acute, general, or life-threatening situations. But, to impact our health and prevent future problems, we need a more holistic approach.

Her curiosity leads her to explore alternative modalities, the emotional body, and the power of self-healing. Her unique approach of combining eastern and western modalities has allowed thousands of clients to sustain lasting change as she focuses on treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.

She teaches multiple courses and hosts workshops, webinars, and even a retreat. She has written a best-selling book, Ignite Your Inner Healer, in which she teaches readers how to tap into their self-healing abilities. She has been featured on NBC, multiple podcasts and radio shows.

Taking care of your health is a smart way to love yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

When/where are the live meetings?

We meet twice a month (first and third Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST) using Zoom (video conference) for 60-90 minutes. You will receive coaching directly from me. Ask questions and hear from others that have similar experiences.

The recordings are uploaded to the membership platform (so you don’t miss anything!). 

How much time do I need to devote to this membership?

Everything in this membership may be done at your own pace.

The membership is designed to give you support and resources without adding more to your plate. I designed this Academy to work for YOUR life and provide the amount of support that YOU need.

Some members reported that they save approximately 60-90 minutes per week. The faster you want to see results, the quicker you can go through the steps. It is totally up to you. 🙂

Can I upgrade to an annual membership later?

You sure can! You can upgrade to an annual membership at any time. Just contact us prior to your next billing cycle. A new 12-month cycle will start on the next scheduled billing date.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Membership plans are offered on an ongoing basis. To ensure uninterrupted service, your subscription will be set to auto-renew. So, if you do decide to cancel, obviously I'll be very sad, but if you're intent on leaving, then you can contact me 7 days prior to your renewal date. I will cancel your membership, remove you from our private group, and suspend future payment processing.

Do you offer any guarantee?

You’re protected by our 100% risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.

​We paint a picture of possibility, as we know that our clients who embrace the work will see results.

However, if you are unhappy with our Academy, I want to give you your money back. If after completing Stage 1, you decide that the program isn’t for you, email me at any time during the first 14 days and I’ll immediately send you a prompt and courteous refund.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Recommendations and information provided on this site are not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical care. 

This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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