Who is Ana?

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Who is Ana?




When I was younger, people asked me: "What do you want to do when you grow up?", and I always said:   "I want to help people".

When I was a teenager, my brother Luis, was the inspiration for my first step towards my first career decision. My brother has Cerebral Palsy and we, as a family, learned about Physical Therapy. After many sessions, when he was almost 5 years old, he finally started walking (see picture on the side).

We were soooo HAPPY!!!!  And this is when I decided that I wanted to become a Physical Therapist, and to help people achieve their GOALS in life.  Most importantly, I wanted to make a difference in society.

In 2007, after studying for 5 years, I graduated as a Physical Therapist in Brazil and moved to the USA (Los Angeles, California).

After 4 long years, I became a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) in California and finally in 2015 I transferred my Physical Therapist (PT) license.

During the process to transfer my PT license from Brazil to USA, I completely lost myself and my only focus was "get that license". I even spend 6 months studying for 6-10 hours a day on my own determined to pass the PT board.

The results:

  • I created a complicated healthy problem

  • I "FAIL" on the National Physical Therapy Board Test  3 times in 3 months.

I felt horrible, I was in hell. Have you felt like that before?

dream come true

I refused to follow the regular treatment from west medicine and decided to change my healthy from "the Core", from the cell 's level. I totally improved my diet, started to exercise for the first time, increased my meditation ti
me, reduced my stress and started to dig deeper on personal development to learn more about myself.

That experience taught me a lot and another passion presented itself: CONSCIOUSNESS AND WELLNESS COACH

I was able to overcome my healthy issue and discovered WHO I am and what I am HERE for... Have you found your answer yet?

My mission become support others to find their life purpose and highest potential by creating balance between body, mind and soul while find the strength within to achieve their physical goals and feel energetic, self-confident and attractive.

My dream is empower you to create the life that you desire and fully support you to be, do, and have all that you want in life—to help you discover the strengths, skills, knowledge, and wisdom within you to accomplish anything you desire and to excel at living your life more fully as WHO you truly are..

My goal is to help you identify and release limiting beliefs that are directing your life and help you tap into your unlimited potential and implement positive and sustainable change.

I want to leave my legacy, make a difference  and create a healthier World, with less disability, depression, heart problems, cancer, stress, obesity...

Ana Marinho



My goal: BE  Healthy, BE in well-being, BE happy, BE in balance                                 

What is yours?


make it happen

"The transformation of the world starts inside us!" Ana Marinho




* A special thank you to my loving husband, who helped make this Website possible!




* Yes, I am Brazilian... please forgive my English. You may find some typos here and there on my blog 😉 If you want, send me a private message pointing out the errors (in a nice way, please), and I will be happy to correct it.